Finally There’s a Gym Offering Group Napping Classes For Tired Parents

In our modern day and age, sleeping is becoming less and less important. It seems like the less sleep you get, the better you will do in life ( obviously not true ). With sleep deprivation comes many undesired side effects like constant tiredness, stress, high blood pressure and others. Well, there’s one gym in the UK that is trying to change all that by offering napping classes.

Yup, you can now pay for a 15 minute stretching routine and then 45 minutes of napping in an ideal room with just the right temperature with complete strangers and you won’t be lying when you say afterwards you were at the gym. How’s that for a plan?

The organizers of this new ” Nap-Ercise ” say the class will reinvigorate your mind, improve your mood and even burn that extra calories, which is just crazy enough to work.

Now before you go all bananas and say we’re talking out of our asses, there’s actual science behind this claim. There were a few studies done at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania that say that people who had a 45 minute nap break in the middle of the day handled stress much better than people who didn’t sleep. And even another study from UC Berkeley has stated that an afternoon nap could increase your brain’s learning capacity. How about that. It was crazy enough to work.

At the moment this new napping class is at testing stage over at David Lloyd Clubs in Sidcup UK. But if they find it to be successful, they will expend it to a membership cost in other clubs across the UK.

New napercise is the newest trend offering gym napping classes to boost your mood and reduce stress

gym napping classes napercise david lloyd

The gym which is currently based in the UK called this new class ” Nap-Ercise “

gym napping classes napercise david lloyd 2

It’s exactly what you think. You can now pay for a 15 minute stretching class followed by a 45 minutes napping class

gym napping classes napercise david lloyd 3

The napping class takes place at the gym in an ideal room temperature with many other people and you can all say you went to the gym afterwards and it won’t be a lie.

gym napping classes napercise david lloyd 4

This unique class can actually improve your mood, reduce stress and even burn some calories

gym napping classes napercise david lloyd 5

At the moment these classes are only available at David Lloyd Clubs in Sidcup, UK

gym napping classes napercise david lloyd 6

Here’s a video about it to prove it’s not fake:

More info: David Lloyd Clubs

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