Surreal Fantasy Art Paintings Inspired By Tim Burton And Hayao Miyazaki Created By French Dreamer Artist

“Darkness of life is more inspiring than happy and safe people”, says France-based Ciryl Rolando, one of the best digital painting artists in the world. He is best known for his artist name Aquasixio and his surreal fantasy art works emphasize the emotional aspects of humans and all the color spectrum of life.

There are surreal, fantastic pictures that show the way nature and human life intertwine in a metaphorical way. Fantasy is everywhere in his works, but fantasy is just the medium through which we are presented with the simplest and at the same time, most complex human emotions. They are exaggerated, if you want, to prove to us that emotions are all we have and all we deal with all our lives.

Love, hope, the unknown, art as a way of flooding a room with meaning are some of the themes the artist tackles in his works. Life is now and dreams are important. Our hearts are like accordions which should be played with carefully and our freest dance can be in chains without us even realising that. It is all written in his works. You just have to watch his works and listen.

“I like the absurdity, the creativity and the enchanting universes, where colours bring more emotions than thousands smiles or million tears”, says the artist. “Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki are both the roots of my own world. I like the surrealism movement, especially the work of Boris Vian and his ‘Foam of the Daze’ (L’Ecume des jours)”, states Rolando on his DeviantArt profile.

We say his works of art are a world in itself and one should walk carefully and with an open mind and heart in it. More info: Deviantart | Facebook

Why don’t you meet me halfway

surreal fantasy art 2

Please show me some love

surreal fantasy art 3

All of my life’s studies

surreal fantasy art 4

I miss you so

surreal art 5


surreal art 6

Don’t forget to focus on yourself

surreal art 7

Is that calypso?

surreal art 8

Let’s go to the unknown

surreal art 9

Painting as a doorway

surreal art 10

You belong with me

surreal art 11

Never giving up on us

surreal fantasy paintings 12

Hurry, don’t be late

surreal fantasy paintings 13

Dandelions – surreal fantasy art at it’s best

surreal fantasy paintings 14

I love this painting especially

surreal fantasy paintings 15

This one is called after the rain

surreal fantasy paintings 16

Be part of nature

surreal fantasy paintings 17

don’t cry for me

surreal fantasy paintings 18


surreal fantasy paintings 19

Tree of life

fantasy art 20

Clock stops for no one

fantasy art 21


fantasy art 22

Money does grow on trees

fantasy art 23

Fire in the air

fantasy art 24

The long walk

fantasy art 25

Everything is connected

fantasy art 26

Music can change the world

fantasy art 27


fantasy art 28

Doing my own thing

creative fantasy art 29

Patience my friends

creative fantasy art 30

Licking the sun

creative fantasy art 31

Music can hurt

creative fantasy art 32

Shooting stars

creative fantasy art 33

Whales on wheels

creative fantasy art 34

Window to the world

creative fantasy art 35

Next generation

creative fantasy art 36

You can use what you’ve got to make things happen

creative fantasy art 37

Sometimes the road is long and hard

creative fantasy art 38

So high

surreal fantasy desings 39

Won’t stop raining

surreal fantasy desings 40


surreal fantasy desings 41

There’s enough for everyone

surreal fantasy desings 42

Go after it

surreal fantasy desings 43


surreal fantasy desings 44

You can create your reality

surreal fantasy desings 45

Late to the party

surreal fantasy desings 46

Have a big imagination

surreal fantasy desings 47

don’t wait until you melt

surreal fantasy desings 48

Take care of the world

strange fantasy art 49

Find love in everything

strange fantasy art 50

Never give up on your dreams

strange fantasy art 51

Ride life

strange fantasy art 52

Things are not always as they seem

surreal fantasy art 53

Make it through the storm

surreal fantasy art 54


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