Gimo The Cat Has The Biggest Eyes You’ve Ever Seen And The Internet Loves Him

Everybody with common sense  has already figured out that the Internet is made of cute cat photos… ok, mixed with a lot of puppy pics. So, the logical, crucial thing that makes the Internet running and keeps going is constant upload of the adorable photos just like what we mentioned. Here we have a heavy load of cuteness in a form of kitty named Gimo the cat, which should be enough to keep the Internet running quite a while if you ask me.

Scroll down the gallery and check out Gimo the cat in various adorable poses – standing on his back legs, preparing to pounce from a secret location, casually sitting in a cardboard box or simply staring at you… All of them have one thing in common- they present a real danger for the observer because those big, round mesmerizing eyes of big-eyed cat Gimo could capture your heart and soul forever. Be careful and enjoy, if that is even possible to do at the same time 😉 More info: Instagram

Gimo the cat taking a nap… isn’t he adorable?!

gimo the cat 15 (1)

But what makes Gimo so special can be seen only when he’s awake!

gimo the cat 16 (1)

His big, round, mesmerizing eyes … you can’t stop staring at them, right?

gimo the kitten 17 (1)

And now you are under his spell.

gimo the kitten 18 (1)

The Level of cuteness is still really high, even when he’s sleeping

gimo the kitten 19 (1)

But try to handle this! Watch the video of Gimo the big-eyed cat

If you survived the video, you’re good to keep scrolling down the gallery for more adorable photos of Gimo

gimo the kitten 20 (1)

His eyes look like plastic buttons right?

gimo the kitten 21 (1)

The classic puss in boots look and pose. Can’t resist i’ll give you what you want

biggest eyes cat 8 (1)

Gimo making friends…

biggest eyes cat 7 (1)

Trying to mesmerize you with his eyes

biggest eyes cat 2 (1)

biggest eyes cat 3 (1)

biggest eyes cat 4 (1)

adorable gimo 1 (1)


adorable gimo 5 (1)

adorable gimo 6 (1)

gimo the cat 9 (1)

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