Spider-Man: Far from Home Review with only minor spoilers

Spider-Man Far from Home review

We’ve watched Spider-Man: Far from Home in cinemas a few days ago, but didn’t want to give a first review just after that, because we think it’s better to let it sit with you a little longer in order to draw the right conclusions. And since we can’t really talk about it without giving some spoilers, you should really buckle up and be ready to start.

The Teenage hero with his own personal problems

If there’s one sentence to describe the Spider-Man superhero character, regardless of the various series of movies that have been done on him, is this: Spiderman is a teenage boy equally battling deadly villains and his own personal, age-related problems and we can never be sure which one of them is the deadliest. This is also what “Far from Home” sets out to be, a movie centered on Spider-Man’s own insecurities, despite being a powerful superhero. He has to fight for the girl he loves, and despite him being a cool superhero, he just can’t seem to win MJ’s heart. He also tries to stay normal and out of the whole superhero drama which has really gotten to him after the events of “Endgame” and the loss of his mentor, Tony Stark.

The movie is also a tribute to the late genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, dubbed as Earth’s best protector, Iron Man. Everybody seems to mourn him, especially Peter Parker who seems a little lost in the whole “Superhero thing”. That’s why he goes on vacation.

Spider-Man Far from Home review

Tony Stark’s aura is still present in Spider-Man: Far from home

Tony Stark aka Iron Man aka Robert Downey JR’s charm has conquered the hearts of many and the beginning of Spider-Man: Far from Home is a dedication to the lost hero. We also find out what happened after the “blip”. After the snap is undone and all the other 50% of the population comes back on Earth, they find their dear ones that hadn’t turned to dust and stayed on Earth, 5 years older, because it’s been 5 years since they’ve turned to dust. Basically, the little brother can now be older than the older brother. Get it? So, the world should be in a little disarray. Spider-Man: Far from Home does not focus on this, though. It just mildly notices it and goes on to its main character: Peter Parker trying to go on a vacation.

Spider-Man Far from Home review

Mysterio comes into play

Spider-Man’s high school vacation is hijacked by Nick Fury which will not turn out to be the real Nick Fury. Watch out for the 2 end credits. Just don’t leave the cinema until they’re done! So, our dear Peter Parker has to play the superhero along Mysterio, to destroy some mythical characters from a parallel universe. In the meantime, Nick Fury tries to convince Peter that he can be the next Iron Man, confirming what most of the MCU’s fans have been led to believe. But we advise you not to rush to any of these conclusions. In the meantime, we learn that Tony Stark has left a weapon of great power on Peter Parker’s hands and he tries to use it to kill one of his classmates for hitting on MJ. Pure teenage stuff.

Spider-Man Far from Home review

The plot twist

The plot twist is kinda’ obvious after they’ve defeated the last of the giant eternal creatures trying to destroy Earth rather quickly and easy. Peter Parker just wants to be a normal person and hands it all out to Mysterio and then has to come back and save the day and defeat some of his insecurities. All in all, the Spider-Man character is really well-played by Tom Holland who gives him a whole teenage, insecure feeling. Peter Parker does not want to be the superhero and does all kind of stupid stuff, but, at the end of the day, he always show up to mend his insecurities.

There’s a major plot hole in Spider-Man: Far from Home

There are a lot of things you’re going to be wondering about during the movie. Like, where are all those superheroes you’ve seen at the end of Endgame. The original Avengers might have perished, that’s right, but all the others? That army of superheroes battling Thanos ’till the end? Where are they? Is Doctor Strange just unavailable? Is Captain Marvel just… “don’t even mention her name!” Where are they and what happened to them? You won’t get a clear answer for this. Also, you might be wondering, “what happened to Nick Fury? Why is his base in a cave and why is he so…strange?” . Well, all these questions will be answered in the second post-credit scene.

Spider-Man Far from Home review

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Spider-Man: Far from Home 2 end-credits scenes

Yes, there are two and you might want to sit through both of them. Since the first will set the pace for the next Spider-Man movie and the second will just give you a little insight of where the future of MCU heads to. God help us!


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