18 Laughing Seal Pictures Proving These Animals Know How To Live

You think you’ve seen it all?! There’s nothing left that can amuse you?! Well, we gotta tell you – You’re wrong! These laughing seal pictures are gonna make you laugh, cause they’re the funniest thing you’ve bumped upon lately surfing the Internet, for sure!

“LOL seals” are gonna change your mood to better the very second you land your eyes on the photos. And you’ll  probably want some more once you finish scrolling down the gallery. Laughing out loud, just like the seals from the photos seem are doing, is guaranteed.

Do seals actually laugh?

Well, this is a great question, while it seems like they do, from the pictures below anyway, we couldn’t find any solid evidence that they actually laugh.

They do make noises that’s for sure, and some of these noises sound to us like laughter, and they do smile, that’s again, pretty clear, it seems like seals like to stretch their mouth and it might look like they’re smiling, or even laughing when they make these funny noises, but again, we don’t have any evidence so we’re going to say that they don’t really laugh, it just looks like it, and it makes us laugh, so that’s pretty good for us.

One more thing we want to tell you before you burst out laughing is – don’t forget to share this treasure with your friends! This is so good it shouldn’t be kept just for yourself.

Before the images, here are two videos to show you how funny it is in real life:

And this one:

1. Lol! The funniest image I’ve seen lately! The laughing seal

laughing seal 1 (1)

2. Please, stop, you’re killing me! My stomach is going to explode!

laughing seal 2 (1)

3. Ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa….. I’m laughing so hard I peed a little

lol seal 3 (1)

4. Hohoho…. And not in a funny Santa voice

lol seal 4 (1)

5. Haaaaaaaaaaa… Why do Seals laugh so much? They are just happy animals

lol seal 5 (1)

6. He-He! Photo bombing the Penguins like a king

lol seal 6 (1)

7. Bursting out laughing – the image in the dictionary

lol seal 7 (1)

8. The killing joke – notice the hand just like a human

lol seal 8 (1)

9. Maybe it’s yawning? I think it’s laughing out loud

lol seal 9 (1)

10. Bet you can’t un-see laughing seal anymore, can you?

lol seal 10 (1)

11. Tell me again that joke, please! I want to laugh so much!

lol seal 11 (1)

12. Oh, I need a pause from laughing… I can’t breath anymore

lol seal 12 (1)

13. AAAAAAAAhahaha…Laughing so hard i might just die

lol seal 13 (1)

14. Haaaa… Having fun in the sand with my seal friends

lol seal 14 (1)

15. Please, stop, lol! You crack me up!

lol seal 15 (1)

16. Seal himself is amused, too! You knew this was coming right? No surprise here

laughing seal 16 (1)

Once again – This gallery of laughing seals must be shared! Don’t you want to make your friends laugh? Be a good pal.



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