Review! Avengers Endgame comes back to “I am Iron Man”

avengers endgame review

And we loved it! For those of you who are still yet to watch Avengers Endgame, we’ll try to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible. The one thing we can’t keep to ourselves is telling you how it ends. Kidding…not really. Avengers:Endgame, the last of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ends the same way it began, nearly 11 years ago, with one very well-known phrase: “I am Iron Man”. Yes, this tells you that the man who startet it all, Tony Stark, is going to end it all, or at least play a massive part in the whole thing. It’s true and it’s fabulous how everything comes into place, full circle, at the end.

I liked the movie. I liked it very much! At the end you get the feeling that it was the right ending to a massive story. The final battle is huge, maybe bigger than anything you’ve ever seen so far. It features all your favourite super heroes on the planet, all coming together to defeat a mad Titan. Thanos is not just a villain; Thanos is a character with a definite and clear reason for doing what he’s actually doing. He is just convinced that erasing half the population of the universe is going to do good for the other half, enabling all the beings to live peacefully, with many more resources and brighter futures, at least in his own image of the universe.

Thanos is much fierceful in Avengers: Endgame

In Infinity War we get to see a Thanos who is capable of love, sacrifice, compassion, but a Thanos who will give it all up for his supreme goal: erasing half of the whole universe for the good of the universe itself, or at least that’s what he thinks. Still, his face is more humane, he seems to be having feelings about it all. In Avengers Endgame, we see a Thanos that is angry, determined to destroy the whole of planet Earth because the Avengers couldn’t let it go and just live with what he’s done.

avengers endgame

It all goes back to the original Avengers

As you probably know, it all comes down to the original Avengers who happen to get scattered around the Earth. Thor is now much of a Lebowski, Hulk is now a cute, gentile big man, Captain America is trying to teach people to let it go, Black Widow is taking it with a pinch of salt and Hawkeye is turned rogue killing all the bad guys who didn’t die after the snap. Tony Stark, though, seems to have it all: a house, a wife, a daughter. Life had been good for him. (We won’t tell you how he managed to get out of that drifting ship lost in space).


The main theme of this Avengers is sacrifice and fellowship and friendship and the restoring of a world which might be better with fewer people in it, but it will never equal what we already have. The world we’re living in might be wrong for a multitude of reasons, but it is our world and it is perfect this way and we, as humans, might be capable of doing a lot of harm, but still, we don’t want to play God and kill half of ourselves for some mad, objective reason.

And another message is: sacrifice. Picture yourself living in a world where a lot of people suffer because of the loss of their dear ones, but you’re good, happy, fortune has been good to you. Still, you’re the only person in the world who has the brains to save the day and restore the world as it previously was, but at a risk, at the risk of losing your own life. Would you do it?

A film for the Marvel fans and everybody else

All in all, this is a movie for all the die-hard Marvel fans and the ones who are not. There is an underlying message here and there is also a big show-off of all the Earth’s mightiest heroes putting their powers to work in service of the whole world.

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The movie is long, yes. And there are times where it seems it’s dragging its feet. The beginning is rushed, it doesn’t make sense. Then it all starts to fall into place. Our heroes get their job done and it all builds up beautifully until the final battle. Still, at a compositional level, the movie feels a bit crammed, like it can’t really fit all these superheroes in it. The usual Marvel humour drags its feet at certain times and there’s a lot of common ground here that you might get a little bored. These are some shortcomings that you might expect of in a 3-hour-movie with a huge cast and huge superheroes and huge finale. 

Now, get up and go see it. It makes you nostalgic and proud that you’ve been with this Marvel Cinematic Universe for more than 10 years now and it ended like this.

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