30 Adorable Pregnant Animals That Honestly Made Me Laugh And I’m Not Sure Why

Just like us humans, animals go through big body changes once they are pregnant and waiting for a baby. The miracle of life doesn’t just hold true to s humans, in fact you can say that it is even more magical in the animal kingdom.

Certain animals are naturally very little, and when they get pregnant – they  look a lot more like balloons instead of animals.

We bring you 30 hilariously pregnant animals who are about to pop any second! Try not to laugh, if you think you can.

1. Hamsters are hilarious even without pregnancy, but look at this little lady.

2. Looking like we ate a boat?! Surely strange looking belly right there. The pregnant animals list was made for this image

3. She should probably be in the water.

4. Dog pregnancy is actually pretty adorable, calm and lovely.

5. Zebras are very interesting looking animals, especially when pregnant, look at those stripes!

6. This horse is about to pop any second, anyone help?! It looks like she’s about to tip over

7. Cats are usually rather spoiled and stubborn when pregnant, just like this little madam. Honestly cats are always drama queens

8. Ready to take a nap soon, join me? You know it

9. Pregnant or just very big? Either way, she does not look like moving any time soon!

10. She looks pretty ready to have her babies.

11. Polar bears are beautiful, when pregnant they are adorable, obviously!

12. They say they are very protective of their children, how beautiful is that? Would not want to mess with a mama lion

13. Ever seen a pregnant seahorse? Neither did we, looking pretty cool there!

14. This frogs pregnant body surely requires a lot of resting.

15. Ever seen a cuter pregnant picture of an animal than this?

16. If you rather view the animal pregnancies in video form:

17. Orangutan looks fed up with her pregnancy, we can understand lady.

pregnant animals 17 (1)

18. Elephant looking for a snack, trying to distract herself from the coming birth

pregnant animals 18 (1)

19. Giraffe trying to get a well deserved drink carrying her babies

pregnant animals 19 (1)

20. Dolphin on the verge of exploding with babies

pregnant animals 20 (1)

21. A female monk seal getting a rest on the sand

pregnant animals 21 (1)

22. Merino sheep can’t even stand up because she is so big

pregnant animals 22 (1)

23. This pig looks very happy with what’s going on. Being pregnant must have been a breeze for her.

pregnant animals 23 (1)

24. Daisy the hippo taking a well deserved nap so close to giving birth – For sure my favorite of all the pregnant animals pictures

pregnant animals 24 (1)

25. Mama Gorilla trying to catch her breath

pregnant animals 25 (1)

26. This is a glowing ghost bat, and he is adorable!

pregnant animals 26 (1)

27. Rats have babies too, get over it. It’s beautiful

pregnant animals 30 (1)

28. I love this x ray pic of a turtle with his youngs

pregnant animals 29 (1)

29. Raccoon, no, this is not rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s just a super pregnant raccoon.

pregnant animals 28 (1)

30. This is actually me, instead of working, like every day.

pregnant animals 27 (1)

31. Adorable elephant carrying a baby

pregnant animals 31 (1)

Were you ever close to a pregnant animal? What did you do? did you help or just took a picture?



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