These Are 16 Of The Craziest, Cutest, Most Romantic Love Idioms From All Over The Globe

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Ever crossed your mind what it means to fall like a pine tree, or to have seen the green bird? I don’t think so. But now, you have the chance to see some of the funniest, craziest and cute, romantic love idioms from all over the world and their meanings with this gallery.

Thanks to illustrator Elly Walton and, we have a collection of 16 best love idioms and their meaning. Let’s see how people have portrayed love all over this planet. Are your ready?

1. That little mango! I mean, that hottie!

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2. A piece of the moon is a beautiful person in Hindi – love idiom at it’s greatest

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3. In Sweden, falling like a pine tree is to fall in love at first sight. What a pleasure!

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4. When you have eaten a monkey you are really crazy about someone, at least in Germany

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5. To bite the metal sheet is to have a crush, in Greece. So that’s how they react when they have a crush on someone? Weird!

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6. A flower on a high peak is a great desire in Japan, something that is almost unreachable

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7. When you’re swallowed like a postman’s sock you are lost, my friend. You are madly in love!

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8. To smell mint towards someone is to really fancy someone. Love idioms list continues below…

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9. In Brazil, to have seen the green bird is to be happily smiling because you are falling in love

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10. Dry firewood meets a flame and the love has burst out burning

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11.When a woman is  like hibiscus rising out of water, marry her!

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12. When someone wears bean pods in his/her eyes it means love have blinded them

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13. When the tomatoes have faded, it’s no good, no good at all

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14. To drag a wing= to woo . Oh, yes, Mr. Cock, you like to drag your wing, don’t you?

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15. To be hit by a rake= Ouchh!

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16. Reheated cabbage- some sort of a second chance to love

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