Stunning Resin Jewellery Donuts That You Can Wear Around Your Neck By ResinQueenShop

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So, we write a lot about art on The Awesome Daily, because most art is awesome. But when I happen to stumble on something like this, I feel I need to share it with the world. What you’re about to see below is resin jewellery, more specifically, it’s resin donuts jewellery created by Anahitaprice AKA ResinQueenShop. Now if you start looking closely at these, be warned, you will be lost for hours or even days in a world not similar to ours. It looks like she managed to capture an entire galaxy inside each one of these donuts, and the colors, oh the sweet colors each one has, it just blows my mind away!

When I started this website year ago, these are the types of things I wanted to share with the world. If you actually made it this far without being drifted away by the pure beauty of these, please don’t forget to follow her work on Instagram | Facebook and also visit her etsy shop so you could throw your money at these.

ResinQueenShop started as part of a due creating other resin based jewellery and selling them online

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So you know she’s no stranger to the material and the process of work

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But we are so glad she decided to branch out and start her own thing because these resin donuts are just amazing

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You feel like you could get lost inside for a week or two and forget your troubles

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These are actually necklaces that you can wear around your neck

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As she posted these online she was blown away by all the positive feedback and raving reviews

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She quickly sold out and had to start making new batches to fill new orders

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We feel this will be a beginning of something beautiful, and we’re glad to help out

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Visit this Etsy shop for more