This Synchronized Swimming Underwater Video Is So Good You Have To Watch It

synchronized swimming video feat (1) (1)

Before we get into this awesome synchronized swimming underwater video, let’s understand what exactly is synchronized swimming. So synchronized swimming ( or by its more updated name artistic swimming ) is a popular sport where a team of women or men jump in a pool and create a very choreographed dance routine both underwater and above. You can say it’s a combination of dancing, swimming and gymnastic.

It’s really impressive to watch as you can see both below water and above as the team do their routine to the sound of music. Seeing the team stay fixed in position takes a lot of strength and a lot of practice. Below you can see two videos of underwater synchronized swimming that shows just how much practice it takes to make it look this good. Here’s the first video:

After watching this incredible video, please take a moment to watch this video below which explains how difficult it is to become a champion synchronized swimmer and what it takes to make it to the top. If you think just jumping into the pool and doing some moves will get you there, you’re sadly mistaken.