These Relationship Illustrations By Yehuda Adi Devir Are So Perfectly Imperfect That You Can’t Miss

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Relationships can be tough. We all know it, but they can also be beautiful and funny and crazy and everything nice. Most often is all of these things together, it’s like a roller coaster and, in the end, you know it’s worth the ride.

And Yehuda Adi Devir knows this. He is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Jerusalem who is specialized in comics, characters design, illustration for clothing, book illustration, logos and other commissions works. He currently lives in Tel Aviv together with his wife, who is also an illustrator and graphic designer. So what? Well, the “what” is that he illustrates his couple life in some very hilarious comics that are so relatable and cute at the same time. If you haven’t seen them already, you have to. It’s a MUST!

The relationship illustrations comics are from his point of view, in which, of course, his wife is the one who wakes him up late at night because she can’t sleep, or clings to him in the morning when he has to leave for work. Of course she is always late when going out and transforms into a bug killer by night. She is a real HULK on a bad hair day and when winter is coming she is a little hairy goblin.

She is jealous, she is cute, she is silly, she is Wonder Woman, she is all these things that her husband sees in her. And the way he illustrates their relationship together, aww, it’s so cute and perfectly imperfect in every detail.

Her magical touch makes her man forget all about the dishes he has to wash or the IKEA furniture he has to build. Their relationship is beautiful and the way he illustrates it shows great love and affection. We can only go “Aww” More info: Instagram | | Facebook

Wife has cold feet. First of the relationship illustrations by Yehuda Adi Devir

relationship illustrations yehuda devir (1)


Is the water too hot?

relationship illustrations yehuda devir 2 (1)

She has a magic touch

relationship illustrations yehuda devir 3 (1)

This happened every morning

relationship comic yehuda devir 4 (1)

IKEA is simple enough

relationship comic yehuda devir 5 (1)



relationship comic yehuda devir 6 (1)

It’s always my turn to do the dishes, you never make a mess when it’s your turn

relationship comic yehuda devir 7 (1)

Beach ready body goals

relationship comic yehuda devir 8 (1)

Typical night out

relationship comic yehuda devir 9 (1)


Watching Wolverine together

relationship comic yehuda devir 10 (1)

Trying to lose the holiday food

relationship comic yehuda devir 11 (1)

When she’s having a bad hair day

relationship comic yehuda devir 12 (1)

Getting engaged! Best relationship illustrations on this list

relationship comic yehuda devir 13 (1)


Walking the park

relationship comic yehuda devir 14 (1)

Winter is coming

relationship comic yehuda devir 15 (1)

Happy Valentine’s day!

relationship comic yehuda devir 16 (1)

Scarf much?

relationship comic yehuda devir 17 (1)

Sweet dreams honey

relationship comic yehuda devir 18 (1)


You’re my travel pillow

relationship comic yehuda devir 19 (1)

Taking a selfie together

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John Wick 2 is an excellent movie

relationship drawings yehuda devir 21 (1)

This is how my wife considered working out together

relationship drawings yehuda devir 22 (1)

Happy Valentines day

relationship drawings yehuda devir 23 (1)

Riding the bus

relationship drawings yehuda devir 24 (1)

Creative Purim costumes

relationship drawings yehuda devir 25 (1)


relationship drawings yehuda devir 26 (1)

Celebrating Hanukkah

relationship drawings yehuda devir 27 (1)

Going to the beach

relationship drawings yehuda devir 28 (1)

Bachelorette party celebration

relationship drawings yehuda devir 29 (1)

When thinking of shaving the beard

relationship drawings yehuda devir 30 (1)

Moving houses

relationship drawings yehuda devir 31 (1)

Watching WWF together

relationship drawings yehuda devir 32 (1)

Happy passover

relationship drawings yehuda devir 33 (1)

Still looking for a flat

relationship illustrations yehuda devir 34 (1)

Yehuda Dvir Adi and his Wife Maya

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