Random Dose of Awesomeness: Popsicle Stick Construction by Jeremy Finneth

Jeremy Finneth is just a guy we found on the internet and what he does as a hobby is a monumental proof of what human passion, patience and a little bit of madness can do. Jeremy Finneth is a star of popsicle stick construction and this video will prove to you why. And yeah, it’s a real thing.

We all have hobbies. We like to play video games, or ride a bike or go hiking, play football, collect stamps and so on, but some of us have that kind of hobby that really requires a lot of patience and thorough work. Jeremy Finneth is one of those people. He has found his passion for building at age fourteen. He doesn’t build just anything, he builds entire mansions with popsicle sticks. It takes him several months to complete one such work and he does it for fun.

From building little houses with popsicle sticks, he got inspired to try something bigger and more complex, like real homes. He went from this…

To this:


It is just amazing how you can transform a childhood hobby into a real job. Imagine you’re 14 and you use 8,000 popsicle sticks to build a huge mansion from zero. You had to be a very passionate 14-year-old, interested in architecture and a little crazy, right? Maybe, when I was 14, I could eat 8,000 ice creams, but not use those sticks to build houses. I never thought that was a thing. It seems, you never do until you see it with your own eyes.

That was today’s dose of awesomeness randomly found on the Internet.

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