Walking On Non-Newtonian Fluids Prove Science Can Also Be Fun


Today, we’ll talk about how fun and awesome science can be. It can even make you walk on water. It is called Non-Newtonian fluid and it is made from water and cornstarch. It is called Non-Newtonian because it defies Newton’s law of viscosity. Viscosity is, by definition, the measure of a fluid’s ability to resist gradual deformation by force or tension.

Only that with Non-Newtonian fluids, there comes a twist. When a sudden force is applied, a Non-Newtonian fluid responds as if they are solids. They are made of large particles that have no time to move if you hit them out of nowhere, they fight back, meaning you can “walk on water”.  If you apply a slow, gradual pressure, they will act as fluids and you can drown in them.

Because of their intriguing features, Non-Newtonian liquids are also researched by the army as they might prove useful for body armour. They are flexible, yet strong as metal when in danger.

Cornstarch and water is not the only kind of Non-Newtonian liquids that exist. There are some out there, in the world, that you have no idea of. For example, you brush your teeth with one, or you put it on your pizza or you paint with another. There is one that you have in your veins. Got it? Toothpaste, ketchup, paint and blood, all have Non-Newtonian properties. That’s a pretty cool thing I learned today.

Well, and apart from science and how they can be used, they are also fun. Wouldn’t you want to surprise your friends with your ability “to walk on water”? Yeah, I thought you would.

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