Powerful Awareness Campaign Shows That Destroying Nature Is Destroying Life

Destroying Nature 1

Many people have procrastinated about the recurring dangers and harmful effects that industrialization have caused to our ecosystem, though everybody is aware of the fact that destruction of all living and nonliving organisms are at stake.

It’s a very good thing that a group of people like the Robin Wood foundation organized a very powerful awareness campaign with a slogan, ‘Destroying Nature is Destroying Life’ that will literally open the eyes of the people concern on the devastating results of deforestation, mining, and construction of buildings in the mountain areas that obviously destroy the earth’s natural riches and animal habitat.

Powerful Awareness Campaign 3

Not until we come to a point that we realized who are the actual casualties for this human negligence, we will not be stopped  from doing what we are doing.

Designer Surachai Puthikulangkura and agency Grabarz & Partner, in all his skills and artistic side, came up with this very moving exquisite images that show who’s going to suffer from people’s negligence and who will sacrifice, but these innocent animals.

Destroying Nature 4

Animal preservation and a safe habitat for the animals are prevalent solutions we should always keep in mind. And this campaign, hopefully will cause people to be mindful and be responsible for their acts especially when it involves our nature and the Animal kingdom.

Destroying Nature 2

Destroying Nature 5

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