Popeye The Foodie Is The Cutest Food Porn Instagram Profile That Will Definitely Make You Drool

This popeye the foodie dog eats better than I do! Everybody knows about foodies and their desire to photograph everything they eat. And nothing’s more annoying than a foodie that takes pictures of literally everything they’re about to eat. Even the boring stuff everybody’s seen before. But what we love are the foodies that travel to faraway lands and snap photos of the new, interesting foods they eat.
What do we love even more? A dog posing with new, interesting foods. Meet Popeye the foodie. He’s not like your average foodie. He’s got 4 legs and no opposable thumbs, so he can’t take his own food photos. But he looks so cute posing in these photos. Take a look at these photos of Popeye drooling over some delicious looking foods. Let us know what you think in the comments section. More info: Instagram

1. Popeye the foodie is a rescue dog from Los Angeles

popeye the foodie (1)


2. This adorable pooch always go on food trips with his loving hungry humans

popeye the food dog 2 (1)

3. And as you can see from the photos, he loves showing off

popeye the food dog 3 (1)

4. You know this rule that came to life when Instagram became popular? If you didn’t snap it, you didn’t eat it.

popeye the food dog 4 (1)

5. It doesn’t matter if he’s eating pancakes, or just french fries…

popeye the food dog 5 (1)


6. This dog food porn photos will make you hungry and jealous for sure!

popeye the food dog 6 (1)

7. Although Popeye is a tiny dog, don’t let that fool you

popeye the food dog 7 (1)

8. He can eat you under the table at any restaurant and he’s not afraid of showing it.

popeye the food dog 8 (1)

9. From the looks of it, popeye has been to much more places than i did, and now i envy the life of a dog.

popeye the food dog 9 (1)


10. Not only that, he is also very photogenic which always helps to gain more followers and internet fame

popeye the food dog 10 (1)

11. Is this…Is this all for you popeye? Can i have some?

popeye the food dog 11 (1)

12. This dog knows how to order from the secret menu at In N Out right?

popeye instagram food blog 12 (1)

13. And don’t think we forgot about his lovely outfits

popeye instagram food blog 13 (1)


14. The dog knows how to live…

popeye instagram food blog 14 (1)

15. Keep scrolling and tell us how much you jelly at the end

popeye instagram food blog 15 (1)


popeye instagram food blog 16 (1)


popeye instagram food blog 17 (1)


popeye instagram food blog 18 (1)



popeye instagram food blog 19 (1)


popeye instagram food blog 20 (1)


popeye instagram food blog 21 (1)


popeye instagram food blog 22 (1)


popeye the dog 23 (1)


popeye the foodie 24 (1)



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