33 Tattoo Cover Ups Designs That Are Way Better Than The Original

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These tattoo cover ups are amazing. They’re definitely more striking and beautiful than the original tattoos they’re covering. But everybody knows tattoos are permanent. When you walk into your favorite tattoo shop, you know what you’re getting is permanent. So think hard about whether your going to regret it later down the line.
I have a tattoo that I don’t like much any more. Really, it’s embarrassing. It’s not exactly a likeness of Papa Smurf on my ankle but it’s something I hate that people notice. But I choose not to get it covered up because there was a time in my life when that tattoo meant a lot to me. It represented a time in my life that shaped who I am today. Most tattoos do.
But if you really want to cover up an old tattoo, find the best tattoo artist in your area and go for it. Take a look at these amazing tattoo cover ups and let us know what you think in the comments section. Do you have a tattoo you’re dying to get covered up?

1. Tattoo cover ups are cheaper than getting them removed.

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2. A tattoo can only be covered with the same ink or darker ink.

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3. Sometimes tattoo artists will use white ink to lighten the original tattoo so you can’t see it through the new tattoo.

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4. Many tattoo artists don’t have a full grasp on effectively covering up tattoos. So you can end up with much darker and even uglier tattoos.

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5. A tattoo cover up may look great once it’s finished, but sometimes after a while, the original tattoo can peak through. This is if your tattoo artist doesn’t do a good job of designing the new tattoo.

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6. In order for a tattoo cover up to work properly, the new tattoo has to be at least 20% larger than the original.

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7. Another reason why tattoos cover ups fail at times is because of the unrealistic expectations of the client.

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8. If your tattoo artist is experienced in covering tattoos, trust them when they tell you that a design you have your heart set on might not work well.

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9. Never get too stuck on a very specific design that you’ve come up with. Keep an open mind, because it’s likely what you end up with will be a little different than what you wanted in the first place.

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10. Most clients that want to cover up a tattoo are shy about having it done because of their past experiences.

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11. Do your research and find an artist you know will do a good job of covering up your tattoo. If you end up with a worse tattoo, it will be even more difficult to cover that tattoo.

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12. Covering up a tattoo is more complicated than just coming up with a better design.

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13. Keep scrolling down the list to see more cover up designs

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