Kasia Korporowicz Polymer Clay Foods Pieces Look So Real You Want To Eat Them Up

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Everyone say hi to Kasia Korporowicz and her amazing polymer clay foods. Kasia has been making these tiny food jewelry items for several years now and she only gets better, she can create anything you want with clay and in her own words she is ” in love with clay “. Kasia is a bit of a perfectionist and strives for perfection, this is why sometimes it may take a few hours only to create one tiny cupcake jewelry or other piece of polymer food art. When working on an earing of the size of a coin, it can get pretty crazy dealing with all the small details and getting it just right. Patience is the word of the day when working on her polymer foods jewelry.

So why does she focuses on food? Well because other than her first love of clay, Kasia just adores sweets and the way she can mold the clay into the tiniest little details needed to create a cool cake jewelry. When she was little her mother used to buy her plasteline, she used to love playing with that material and would make tiny horses and dogs out of it. Over the years she developed her skills and started focusing more and more on food, but make no mistake, Kasia can turn a piece of clay into anything your heart desire. Take a look at the gallery below and choose your favorite piece. More info: Etsy | Facebook

Kasia Korporowicz also known as KOKO with love creates adorable polymer clay foods

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She started working with plasteline when she was a child and created tiny dogs and other animals

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As the years went by she got better and the love of her sweets made her change the direction of her work

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She started making these cute little food jewelry made of clay

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And the results are in front of you, it’s easy to see she has a gift for clay

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Keep scrolling for the rest of her work

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