The 59 Greatest Animal Selfies Of All Time. Period

animal selfies feat (1)

Selfies are already a second word for photography, but what about animal selfies? The animal kingdom didn’t stay behind and followed us humans by taking a few self photos of their own. The trend is going viral for a long time now and you can see many examples of it all over the internet, don’t be surprised if you see an animal getting more followers than Kim Kardashian anytime soon.

How does an animal take selfies you might ask, and we have the answer, some pets can be trained to take their own picture using a selfie, dogs, cats and other house animals can simply touch the screen and a picture will be taken, but what about wild animals? How do they take their own picture? Well for those animals people have invented a simple trick that works like a charm. Motion detection. You place a motion detection sensor next to your camera lens and when the animal comes close to it it snaps the photo, easy and it works.

Below we combined the greatest animal selfies circling the web right now and while you look at them, please make sure to share with us your own pet selfie, we know you have one.

1. Husky puppy taking his first animal selfie

animal selfies


2. Best buds forever.

animal selfies 2

3. Pug looking worried with the picture

animal selfies 3

4. Lemur taking his turn with the camera

animal self pics 4

5. Family selfie time – love this pic

animal self pics 5


6. They know what they are doing…they know

animal self pics 6

7. YES! This is the best of the animal selfies we have here

animal self pics 7

8. Bird of prey. Looking incredible

animal self pics 8

9. Horses looking majestic AF!

pet selfies 9


10. They look like they’re about to drop the hottest album of the year

pet selfies 10

11. He actually smiles for the camera

pet selfies 11

12. Model of the year

pet selfies 12

13. Did they plan this? Not sure

pet selfies 13


14. Husky practising to be a social media star

wild selfies 14

15. These silly animals with a camera just want to have fun

wild selfies 15

16. Sloth taking a perfect selfie

wild selfies 16

17. Who looks more surprised?

wild selfies 17

18. Boxer dog selfie game is strong

wild selfies 18


19. Monkeys finding out that smartphones are cool

animal selfie game 19

20. Looking better together

animal selfie game 20

21. Taking a snap wet in the water

animal selfie game 21

22. Wild animal selfie

animal selfie game 22 (1)

23. Horses just goofing around

animal selfie game 23 (1)

24. ” Hey look, it’s a camera, let’s eat it “

zoo selfies 24 (1)

25. Do a funny face. DONE

zoo selfies 25 (1)

26. Trying to make us laugh

zoo selfies 26 (1)

27. Did you take it? Did you? Did you? Did you??

zoo selfies 27 (1)

28. The cat is going to kill you later

zoo selfies 28 (1)

29. Cats could be the animals selfie champions if they wanted

animals selfies 29 (1)

30. ” Look at me so sexy and fresh “

animals selfies 30 (1)

31. Cat is baffled by technology

animals selfies 31 (1)

32. Ducks? I did not see this coming

animals selfies 32 (1)

33. What’s this? I like it

animals selfies 33 (1)

34. Bears getting in on this selfie action

animal photos 34 (1)

35. They look so happy i think this is the best one

animal photos 35 (1)

36. Dog not only knows how to take selfies, he also brags

animal photos 36 (1)

37. OMG, elephant taking a selfie is the best one here

animal photos 37 (1)

38. They are in a gang. Don’t mess with them

animal photos 38 (1)

39. Roosters? Really?

animal taking pics 39 (1)

40. Really working hard for his pic

animal taking pics 40 (1)

41. Cat looks shocked by the camera – LOL

animal taking pics 41 (1)

42. Hashtag, playing with my BFF’s

animal taking pics 42 (1)

43. Classy bro

animal taking pics 43 (1)

44. This could be the most famous animal selfie ever

cool wild selfies 44 (1)

45. Yes cat, this is a smartphone, get to know it well

cool wild selfies 45 (1)

46. This looks like he’s about to send some nudes

cool wild selfies 46 (1)

47. Cat taking over the internet

cool wild selfies 47 (1)

48. Is, is that a kangaroo?

cool wild selfies 48 (1)

49. Not really sure what this is, don’t like it

cool wild selfies 49 (1)

50. The happiest selfie ever taken by an animal

cool wild selfies 50 (1)

51. Hipster cat don’t have time for your shit

cool wild selfies 51 (1)

52. On the bridge

cool wild selfies 52 (1)

53. Dog surfing USA

cool wild selfies 53 (1)

54. Animals selfies were made for this image right here

cool wild selfies 54 (1)

55. Found this iPhone here, what should i do

cool wild selfies 55 (1)

56. So much happiness in one photo

cool wild selfies 56 (1)

57. He’s an old dog when it comes to taking pics

cool wild selfies 57 (1)

58. Dog only takes selfies that get 100+ likes

animal selfies 58 (1)

59. Zoo selfie

animal selfies 59 (1)

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