16 Year Old Naturali Jo Creates Mouth Watering Vegan Desserts That Will Turn All of You Into Vegans

Jose is a 16-year-old vegan teen with almost 790k followers on Instagram. What he does and why they follow him? It won’t take long to find out. We’re going to give you a little hint: “Life is too short to eat boring food”. That’s Jose’s motto. Jose is an artist when it comes to food. From colourful smoothies, pies, popsicles, to frozen fruit and coconut milk, his masterpieces deserve the Oscar of sweet.

Jose is a teenager living in Lima, Peru and runs Naturally.Jo., one of the sweetest Instagram accounts you’ve ever seen. All that you see on his page and down below, keep in mind that Jose cooks them himself. Cakes, Brownies, doughnuts, icea cream…everything is of his making. He also likes to keep it healthy and uses coconut sugar, agave nectar and other sorts of sugar that is found in fruit. He’s self-thought and he’s been doing this for 2 years now. Can you imagine that? What were you doing at the age of 14?

“I ate animal products for 90 per cent of my life, and meat was my favorite thing in the world.I was struggling with eating disorders and an unhealthy low-weight. I searched for lots of diets online and then the vegan diet popped up. I saw how lots of vegans ate a lot and followed a high-carb diet but still had a perfect fit body, so I started eating less animal products and decided to inform myself about veganism.” , says Jose.

Then, he became a vegan and his life changed so dramatically. He was 14, his family wasn’t vegan, so he had to learn to prepare his own food and stick to the plan.

So, he learned cooking and soon became his passion. He says that “The things I post on my Instagram are tasty but I really try to focus on presenting it in a way that it looks aesthetically pleasing, even if it’s totally unnecessary — like galaxy ice-cream, unicorn smoothies, or mermaid bowls”. His favourite recipe is the vegan cheesecake. He also likes berry, and doing smoothies, cakes, popsicles, all the works. You will have the pleasure to admire them yourselves below and drool a little bit, maybe. More info: Instagram

1. This is so funny and sweet and cute!

naturali jo vegan desserts 1 (1)

2. Someone loves the sky a little bit too much

naturali jo vegan desserts 2 (1)

3. A feast for the eyes…and also a torture

naturali jo vegan desserts 3 (1)

4. A galactic…not sure what it is, but it looks eatable and sweet

naturali jo vegan desserts 4 (1)

5. The happy, sweet unicorns

naturali jo vegan desserts 5 (1)

6. There’s got to be some magic behind these

naturali jo vegan desserts 6 (1)

7. Who had this idea? I’m beginning to melt

naturali jo vegan desserts 7 (1)

8. How does he do them? Is there a special recipe hidden somewhere?

naturali jo vegan desserts 8 (1)

9. Does it look like a minecraft-made heart on a pie?

naturali jo vegan desserts 9 (1)

10. The meal is ready! Would you like to join us?

naturali jo vegan desserts 10 (1)

11. Perfect, sweet symmetry

naturali jo vegan desserts 11 (1)

12. I don’t know what I like most: the little cups or what’s in them

naturali jo vegan desserts 12 (1)

13. Unicorn desserts for those with sweet teeth

naturali jo vegan desserts 13 (1)

14. Pink never killed nobody

naturali jo vegan desserts 14 (1)

15. Magic strawberry pie

naturali jo vegan desserts 15 (1)

16. Those colours…hmmm…I’m sure they’re delicious, those colours…

naturali jo vegan desserts 16 (1)

17. Black and White and sweet

naturali jo vegan desserts 17 (1)

18. An impressionist piece of cake, right?

naturali jo vegan desserts 18 (1)

19. Is this art or is this food? Maybe a little bit of both

naturali jo vegan desserts 19 (1)

20. It looks so yummy I want it!

naturali jo vegan desserts 20 (1)

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