Mike Meyers Cityscape Photography Of The Windy City, Chicago. AKA Gotham City

Recently we wrote about fantastic photos of Tokio at night. Here we have a gallery that also paints a spirit of a city in a specific way. This time the photographer is Mike Meyers and the city that inspires his work is the Windy City, Chicago.

You will be drugged into the atmosphere of these photos once you start scrolling down the gallery especially if you are a fan of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight. Winter time, ice patterns of the Michigan lake, dynamic windy skies, train steam and snowy scenery are some of the themes of this artist’s photographs of his home city. Futuristic and strip atmosphere hints eternal fight of good and evil, and it feels like hero or villain are captured somewhere in these fantastic photos of Chicago. I intentionally brought up the name of the city so you wouldn’t forget that fact and think you are looking at cityscapes of Gotham city. As we all know, the Batman movie series were mostly filmed in Chicago and every time you see the dark and beautiful Gotham city, you actually saw Chicago.

Take your time and enjoy the specific Mike Meyers’s vision of his hometown and don’t forget to share with us your impressions. For more works of this artist make sure to visit his website.

Brilliant cityscape of Chicago by Mike Meyers.

Mike Meyers cityscape photography 1 (1)

Winter time, dynamic windy skies, train steam and snowy scenery are part of the specific atmosphere…

Mike Meyers cityscape photography 2 (1)

Futuristic and strip atmosphere hints eternal fight of good and evil.

Mike Meyers cityscape photography 3 (1)

This is not Gotham city… Chicago at winter time.

Mike Meyers cityscape photography 4 (1)

But you can almost imagine Batman standing on one of the roof tops

Mike Meyers cityscape photography 5 (1)

Looking on the streets, making sure everyone is safe

Mike Meyers cityscape photography 6 (1)

Keep scrolling for more fantastic photos of Chicago by Mike Meyers.

Mike Meyers cityscape photography 7 (1)

Mike Meyers cityscape photography 8 (1)

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