Man With Pareidolia See Faces Everywhere He Goes And Draws Them!

Yes, we all see faces: faces we like, faces we dislike, faces we are afraid of, but this man sees faces EVERYWHERE. He has a condition called Pareidolia in which the mind responds to a stimulus (an image or a sound) by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists, for example images of animals, faces or objects.

Our man here is named Keith Larsen and he turned this condition into an art. He draws the wacky subjects that he sees in his daily life and posts them on Instagram followed by some funny stories. For example, the tiny handle of a clothes dryer is for him a duck face. (you can see it below)

He posted it on his Instagram saying: “Grab my beak if it’s laundry you seek. You barely see me, maybe once a week. How can I not have this disappointed look? I dry your clothes as you read a book. I’m dryer duck, and for a buck, I dry the shirts you tuck. Handle my bill if you will, tweak left for your garments. I’ll see you next week, but please, no more vomit.”

The faces resemble so much with the objects that have played as muse. You have probably seen them like that in real life, also.

Keith’s poetic descriptions of the drawings are as artful as is sketches. Just read his description of a half of tomato made into a scary face: “I’m ripe. Teeth rotten. My other half, forgotten. This crescent face is only recent. But not to panic, by botanic rules my seeds will sprout. More tomatoes to creep you out. Though there will be none like me, I’m one of a kind, you won’t find me in a bottle of Heinz”

In case you were wondering, Keith snaps a photo with his phone of the object that catches his eyes and then develops a sketch from it. And he does it with grace, art, talent, you name it!


drawing faces on everyday objects


drawing faces on everyday objects 2


drawing faces on everyday objects 3


drawing faces on everyday objects 4


drawing faces on everyday objects 5


drawing faces on everyday objects 6


drawing faces on everyday objects 7


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