Optimus Prime LEGO That Can Fully Transform? YES PLEASE

LEGO Optimus Prime 1

Do you want an Optimus Prime LEGO set? YES Please! Artists are cool, hell LEGO by itself is cool, and it doesn’t matter how old you are if you don’t like lego you’re just weird.

Whenever you’re making a custom Bat mobile or anything related to Harry Potter or classic Star Wars, it doesn’t matter, It’s hard to deny that you need the talent to construct these bad boys. Today we wanna show you something truly awesome, Big blue himself, Optimus Prime that can actually transform from a truck into a robot created only with LEGOs.

Created by the Flicker user Mad Physicist, this is a fully functional LEGO piece that is awe-impressive. Yeah, it’s the Michael Bay design but still, it’s worthy,  Check out the images below to appreciate this creation

Optimus Prime LEGO set is seriously the coolest thing I ever played with

LEGO Optimus Prime 1


I only want to stay in my room all day and not do anything else beside playing with this set

LEGO Optimus Prime 3


The toy can actually transform into the truck mode and Optimus mode, which is very realistic in my opinion.

LEGO Optimus Prime 6


Here’s how it looks when you first start transforming it. Pretty cool right?

LEGO Optimus Prime 4


Here is Optimus Prime standing up and looking all bad ass like he always has. Wings and all

LEGO Optimus Prime 7


A front look at the awesome looking Prime, the only thing missing is the sword I think

LEGO Optimus Prime 5


Prime waiting for his arch nemeses Megatron, where will they battle it out next?

LEGO Optimus Prime 2


As you can see, the creators of this set spared no piece. It’s a very well put together model of the Transformer, as you may know, LEGO gives everyone a chance to submit ideas for new set creations, it’s all done on their platform that hosts thousands of LEGO fans that pitch new ideas all the time, the way it works is that if your idea gets more than 10,000 votes, LEGO will actually produce it and sell it all over the world. What a way to utilize the community right?

Source: Comicbook 


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