Leaf Bags That Draw Inspiration From Nature

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Unique creations and usually those that are innovatively made from nature is the trend that people are looking after nowadays. Artists always try and find new ways to convey their art or artistic taste, when they manage to do so, that’s when you see something special being created.

These leaf bags are one of the best examples when art is done right. They are so delicate and unique, we really didn’t see anything like this before and we saw a lot during our time writing on this site. 

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Gabriella Moldovanyi and her companion Adam came up with a fantastic idea of taking a leaf out of nature and turning it into these beautifully made backpacks and luggage called Leafling, the team and creation is all based in Budapest where they make these unique bags.

Their designs are obviously drawn from the leaves and they managed to come up with a bag design that will compliment nature in the most delicate way, most of the work is done by hand and you can try and get these leaf bags in many different sizes and styles. Giant backpacks and small saddlebags are just two examples of their collection. Feel free to browse them all. All the bags are water resistant and very durable so they can stand harsh weather conditions. Browse the gallery below and visit their etsy shop to find the one that is right for you.

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