How Does Marijuana Affect Your Body And Brain


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The most famous illegal drug in the United Kingdom is sometimes called Ganja, the Devil’s lettuce or Cannabis. In general drugs can have harmful effects on all internal organs like the brain, heart or other internal organs.

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But have you ever wondered what this particular drug does to your body? For example, ganja will stay in your system for 90 days after your last puff and it can be detected in your blood, hair, and urine during that time, compared to a lot of other drugs that fade away much faster.

This is what weed does to your brain

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Weed contains over 60 different types of cannabinoids, that act on receptors throughout our brain where the neurons go off and fuc*s up the way you process information. It will make you ask weird and deep questions like “If you were born deaf, what language would you think in?” if you smoke just a little.

But having too much ganja in your body will make you ask questions like “What if finding the meaning of life is the meaning of life?” and you will also feel paranoid AF.

This is what Ganja does to your heart

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Your heart rate will increase by up to 50 beats per minute right after smoking that joint. This effect can last anywhere between 20 minutes to three hours. That’s either an episode of The Big Bang Theory or the movie The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Weed effects on the eyes

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Anyone who ever smoked weed knows that it makes your eyes really red. It does so because it expands your blood vessels and it also dilate your pupils. It can also affect the part of your brain responsible for what you see, so in some cases you can actually see some hilarious hallucinations. Depending on the strength and quality of the weed, these hallucinations can be a change in colors or a dancing slice of pizza trying to seduce you.

This is what weed does to your stomach

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People who smoke weed know all too well what is the ‘munchies’. It’s an uncontrollable appetite to eat pretty much anything and everything tastes like heaven.

Some studies that researched weed’s effects on the body done on mice, showed that the drug flips a switch in the brain that is usually responsible for controlling your appetite.

These are the long term effects of smoking weed

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People who smoke weed at least three times a day have much less grey matter volumes in their orbitofrontal cortex, this is the part in the brain that is linked to addiction.

Other effects, especially in white men makes them grow dreadlocks and convince other people that George W. Bush was in fact responsible for 9/11 and all major crimes on earth and space.

But not all is bad, it is also known that light use of weed actually helps with greater connectivity in the brain. Perhaps the most positive effect of this drug is to relieve pain and discomfort in people who have cancer or other sickness that cause them to lose their appetite or pain.

So the question remains, should it be legal or not?

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