In Your Face: Lauren Hom’s Peen Cuisine Vegetarian Food Blog With a Twist

Hi, there! Would you like some peen cuisine? You know, it’s that sort of food with a very “handy” style, that you can almost hold into your hand and savour it like a heavenly honey.

Alright, now coming back to Earth after being a little shocked, we present you the perfect food for the perfect bachelorette party. Forget the dick-shaped ice cubes, you gotta’ have this penis-shaped meals to party like a real bachelorette.

Yes, they are real and the author of these art pieces is Peen Cuisine, a food blog that has just launched this Wednesday. Behind this blog, we find a 27 year-old, named Lauren Hom. In her own words, she “wanted to make penis-shaped versions of food that you’d actually want to eat on the regular, like pear and gorgonzola pizza and miso-butter roasted corn”. She is a vegetarian and likes to joke that she owns a “meat-free meat blog”. She doesn’t spend too much time on cooking her recipes because, as she says, “people should be able to enjoy dicks everyday, not just at bachelorette parties”.

Now, you got a whole list of pictures showing her art pieces in their full splendour. We gotta’ say, they look quite delicious, even for someone who is not a big fan of vegetarian food. And they might be vegetarian on the inside, but very not-so-vegetarian on the outside.

Hom is a full-time illustrator and the idea for Peen Cuisine came to her a year ago. She was having a drink with friends and they were debating why talking about penises make people laugh. “I wondered if cave men used to see dick-shaped rocks and chuckle to themselves, or if this was something relatively new. All of a sudden, a light bulb went off in my brain: dick-shaped foods would be funny”, says Lauren Hom.

The name peen cuisine is another idea that was born an unexpected happening. She posted a photo on Instagram with the caption “foods before dudes” and someone commented “cuisine before been”.  “I think I spit out my drink when I read it, because it was so damn clever and I made a mental note of it,” Hom said. More info:
So, voilà, Peen Cuisine!

Pear & Gorgonzola Peenza

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 1 (1)

Cockamole & Chips

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 2 (1)

Laura Hom in the flesh

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 3 (1)

Peen cigars

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 4 (1)

Green Peen Ricotta Dip

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 5 (1)

Cockprese Salad

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 6 (1)

Dark Chocolate Cock Pops

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 7 (1)

Just dip it in there…

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 8

Zupeeni Fritters

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 9 (1)

Blueberry Cream Puffs

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 10 (1)

Fried Tofu with Peen-Nut Sauce

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 11 (1)

Miso Corny

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 12 (1)

The mold she used for her Peen Cuisine

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 13 (1)

Nice looking cookies

Peen Cuisine Food Blog 14 (1)

All images: LAUREN HOM

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