29 Pieces Of Street Art That Makes You Think About The World


The best kind of art is art that makes you think. We love it when artists use their medium, what ever it may be to convey an important message, some use it to float important issues like climate change, or sexual assault or even corruption, while others may just use it to convey their own personal opinion. What ever the reason, the most powerful art is the one that works your brain. Below is a gallery of 22 street art that makes you think examples that will not only expose you to important issues, but also make you admire the effort and creativity created by the artist.

1. ” I don’t believe in global warming ” the first on the art that makes you think gallery.

art that makes you think 1 (1)


2. We need less buildings, and more trees

art that makes you think 2 (1)

3. Is our world going down the drain? By this street art piece, yes.

powerful street art 3 (1)

4. The corrupt circle of life.

powerful street art 4 (1)

5. Industrial revolution eating up the world

powerful street art 5 (1)


6. It should be a park, not a parking lot

powerful street art 6 (1)

7. It’s just a matter of time…can you deny it?

powerful street art 7 (1)

8. The animals feel the pain the most, we need to help them

art that makes you sad 8 (1)

9. Now it’s just buildings and blocks, no nature

art that makes you sad 9 (1)


10. Epic street art illustration that show modernization

art that makes you sad 10 (1)

11. The world is not dying, it’s being killed. Think about it

art that makes you sad 11 (1)

12. Not ride a bicycle for human enjoyment

art that makes you sad 12 (1)

13. So much power in this art piece

street art that is powerful 13 (1)


14. Why are we eating cows? Think about it

street art that is powerful 14 (1)

15. Amazing work by unknown artist

street art that is powerful 15 (1)

16. My favorite piece on the art that makes you think list

street art that is powerful 16 (1)

17. So powerful, you can’t look at this and not feel bad

street art that is powerful 17 (1)

18. Using popular pop icons from our world to convey the message

art that makes you think 18 (1)


19. It’s an illusion that our world is fine, this art hits the spot

heartwarming street art 19 (1)

20. If our past versions would look at us now, would they be proud?

heartwarming street art 20 (1)

21. Are you kidding me? So bad

heartwarming street art 21 (1)

22. There’s no place for you here animals…We need another McDonald’s

heartwarming street art 22 (1)

23. We’re literally cutting our own legs on this planet

heartwarming street art 23 (1)

24. Art that makes you think number 24 – Nothing left to eat

omg street art 24 (1)

25. Air pollution kills 60,000 people a year

omg street art 25 (1)

26. Epic street art, bold and provocative, but makes a good point

omg street art 26 (1)

27. STOP!

omg street art 27 (1)

28. Wild animals need to be free

omg street art 28 (1)

29. No future for our children

art that makes you think 29 (1)

Well? Did it work? Did these art pieces make you think like they should? Let us know in the comments


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