Karol Michalec Creates Dark And Bold Ink Drawings That Are So Unique They Should Get Their Own Category

Please meet Karol Michalec, a Polish guy from Brighton UK who likes to draw things. Karol graduated from the Brighton University in 2013 with a degree in Fine Art Sculpture and found he was drawn into the world of pigment ink creations.

In the gallery below you will see only a few of Karol creations, and after you do, you will surely ask yourself how a man has the patience and steady hand to make such detailed and creative works of art, Karol will tell you that he doesn’t really know, and in his own words:

” People often ask me how do I motivate myself to create such time-consuming pieces. And the simple answer is – I don’t really know. As you can imagine from just looking at them some can take as long as 60-80 hours. A good coffee, a nice documentary in the background (and often regarding the subject of the work) and off I go. It’s always very thrilling to start a new piece only to discover it’s probably going to take me four days to finish… so I clear my diary for the week and get on with sketching! “

Karol likes to dwell into his dark creations, often creating very visual and bold pieces that contain lots of embellishments, his pieces are timeless and inspired by nature, industrial and mechanical forms, he says he likes to merge the two together and it actually shows in his work.

”  I find private commission challenges most stimulating, being able to influence someone’s idea and transfer it onto paper. Recent projects included such varied ideas as an octopus with a gothic city for a head and Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam in HR Giger Style. “

Karol described his process in detail when we talked, we can write a lot about him and his incredible work but we feel it won’t do him justice, so we will leave you with his own words about the process of the work and the photos to follow:

” So around half way through something magical happens. The work comes alive and it stares back at you asking to be worked on, to have more strokes added, what can be difficult after 7 hours in the same position. And then you realise you have created something that’s truly unique, one of it’s kind in this world. And that is an incredible feeling. It’s all worth it. “

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All images by Karol Michalec


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