Jon Almeda Tiny Pottery Proves That Size Doesn’t Matter in Art

Washington-based artist named Jon Almeda says size doesn’t matter, on the front page of his website you can see the phrase ” Size does matter” writes Tacoma, but Jon is perfectly happy to create tiny pottery.

Jon creates tiny hand thrown ceramics at 1″ ( 2.54cm ), When he first started he worked on much bigger pieces, and he can recall the exact moment he made the switch to tiny art. ” While browsing a bookstore, I came across a book called ‘Creating Ceramic Miniatures’ that really changed my whole outlook and approach, throwing small really allows me to focus on the shape and form of a piece.

It is the very meditative form of creation ” All the pieces that Jon creates look exactly like the larger versions, they are often small enough to sit on top of a coin! To create these pieces a custom designed motorized curio wheel was built to achieve the level of precision necessary for such small size creations.

As we published thousands of articles about art over the years, it’s easy to see why Jon works really stands out. The beauty is that it stands out while being so small. This proves you don’t need to do huge things or try and be the most grandiose. You can stand out while doing things tiny with great talent and creativity. More info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Artist Jon Almeda creates tiny pottery that stands out in the crowd 

Jon Almeda pottery 1

He used to create regular size pottery but switched to tiny size because he found it very meditative

Jon Almeda pottery 2

Among his work you can see the great level of detail and precision

Jon Almeda pottery 3

Working with such small pieces requires tiny tools as well. As you can see from the picture below

Jon Almeda pottery 4

The result is beautiful as it is unique

Jon Almeda pottery 5

Keep scrolling down to see more of Jon’s work and share with your friends

Jon Almeda pottery 6

Jon Almeda pottery 7

Jon Almeda pottery 8

Jon Almeda pottery 9

Jon Almeda pottery 10

Jon Almeda pottery 11

Jon Almeda pottery 12

Source: Imgur

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