Amazing Sand Paintings That Will Disappear With First Wind


Joe Mangrum has been drawing beautiful patterns and designs on the streets and squares of New York for the past 8 years,if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen any of them before, it’s because they tend to disappear very quickly


Mangrum draws his impressive work by pouring colored sand out of his hands, he usually draws in a circular geometric form . combined with the colored sand his work resembles traditional buddhist mandalas


Joe Mangrum

He also combines a marine biological design elements to give his work a unique look


Joe Mangrum

The artist writes that his “paintings are influenced by an abundant world of undersea creatures, carnivorous plants emanating electrical impulses,… [and] cross-cultural metaphors from many years of travels around the world.”


Joe Mangrum

His work raises some interesting questions. to the fact they are impermanent and can be blown away overnight , does that make them lose value or gain it ?


Joe Mangrum

Maybe it is us who are over-attached to things that give us fleeting moments of emotion ? is losing such works of art wasteful or sacred ?


Joe Mangrum

From above look his work is mesmerizing


Joe Mangrum

It is easy to see the sea like patterns


Joe Mangrum


Joe Mangrum


Joe Mangrum


Joe Mangrum


Joe Mangrum


Joe Mangrum


Joe Mangrum


Joe Mangrum

If you liked Joe Mangrum work and would like to follow him. be sure to do so on his facebook page , maybe on twitter too , and of course visit his site


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