Iranian Women In The 1970s Revealed In Old Fashion Magazines

iranian women in the 1970s feat
The dress code and general vibe in Iran used to be much more liberal than it is now. Believe it or not but before the Islamic revolution, it was a more secular, western-oriented culture. The Iranian women in the 1970s showed a lot more skin and let their hair down more often to have fun and make cool pictures. Literally. Now, Iranian women are required to cover their hair, necks, and arms and in general there is a lot less freedom going on there in the name of religion.
Times have definitely changed. Just take a look at all these old magazine covers. They’ll show you how much more freely these Iranian women in the 1970s expressed themselves back than. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

1. Before the islamic revolution in Iran, women looked very different

Iranian Women in the 1970s (1)


2. From tiny skirts to cleavage, the women of Iran knew how to express themselves

Iranian Women in the 1970s 2 (1)

3. Fashion magazines were an acceptable thing back than

Iranian Women during 1970s 3 (1)

4. And women didn’t feel shy about showing some skin

Iranian Women during 1970s 4 (1)

5. Today the women in Iran have much more conservative approach and it’s pretty rare to see women without their veils

Iranian Women during 1970s 5 (1)


6. It’s interesting to see how these women will look if the revolution never happened

Iranian Women during 1970s 6 (1)

7. It’s safe to say that these magazines and women would continue their free choice

Iranian Women during 1970s 7 (1)

8. And we would have gotten another country that could have been a fashion icon

Iranian Women during 1970s 8 (1)

9. I wonder if they will ever be like that again

Iranian Women during 1970s 9 (1)



Iranian Women during 1970s 10 (1)


Iranian Women during 1970s 11 (1)


Iranian Women during 1970s 12 (1)


Iranian Women before islam revolution 13 (1)



Iranian Women in the 1970s 14 (1)

15. Man and women used to wear shorts all the time back than

Iranian Women before islam revolution 15 (1)


Iranian Women before islam revolution 16 (1)


Iranian Women before islam revolution 17 (1)


Iranian Women before islam revolution 18 (1)



Iranian Women in the 1970s 19 (1)

Do you think Iranian women in the 1970s used to have it good? Or would they be better off just continuing on their path today? Let us know in the comments what you think about the pictures in this gallery and also what would Iran look like today if things will change over there.

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