If Alcohol Could Talk In 10 Pictures

You know, when you get a little tipsy, it all comes down to the type of alcoholic beverage you drank. Studies show that bourbon, for example, is twice as likely to cause sickness than vodka. The worst hangover symptoms are given by brandy, red wine, rum, followed by whiskey, white wine, gin and vodka. At least, this is what studies show. But we are different and feel different, right? We might like tequila over brandy, gin over wine, who knows? But still, we felt it ourselves. The mornings after a night out with red wine are different from the mornings after a night out with brandy, right?

Different types of alcohol, made from different types of fruits or cereal and through different distillation processes, taste different, of course and feel different. So, let’s imagine what they will sound like if they could talk, if they had a personality of their own. It’s true, we feel differently, but there’s got to be something specific for every type of drink out there.

So, if alcohol talked, it would look like this

1. If she says you can dance, then you can dance!


2. Well, well, Whiskey doesn’t talk much, but when he does, you shouldn’t really listen to him! Know what I’m saying?


3. Champagne is a little complicated. Any of you here experienced the champagne feeling?


4. It might seem like you got green to pass, but don’t listen. Just look for yourself! Actually, don’t drive at all!


5. Beer is a best buddy helping you get the girl of your life


6. Play it smooth and low with a glass of rum


7. Every girl’s 3 A.M companion. He’s good guy. He can listen.


8. Vodka is tough. Vodka does not ask questions. Vodka acts


9. Gin!Because you’ve got to make your voice heard


10. Don’t worry! It’s all under control!


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