22 Meanwhile In Japan Pictures That Look So Exciting I Want To Move There

Remember when Lady Gaga wore a dress made of meat? Yeah, that was some pretty wtf moment, but meanwhile in Japan…A lot of things happen in Japan. Are you prepared to be a little shocked, disturbed and go WTF a couple of times during the few minutes it takes to scroll down through 20 pictures? 22, pardon my math! Do you think you can do it?

Why do we keep asking you that? Well, because what you are about to see is something pretty…here I am speechless. All countries have their own customs, happenings and strange things that other can’t really understand, but Japan seems to be on the first place here. Lady Gaga is a little child compared to these people. Weird is their home and we can’t help but congratulate them for being less boring than the rest of the world. Still, some things here are a little disturbing. Enjoy!

1. Fashion?!

meanwhile in japan 1 (1)

2. This is quite an ingenious invention. If you don’t have some woman’s legs to lay your head on…well, you can buy them. There, problem solved!

meanwhile in japan 2 (1)

3. Someone spent too much time on the toilet and this happened.

meanwhile in japan 3 (1)

4. They are proud of something. I’m not sure what is that.

wtf in japan 4 (1)

5. What is wrong with your hooman? She seems fond of your ears!

wtf in japan 5 (1)

6. They were doing it well before Lady Gaga!

wtf in japan 6 (1)

7. A new way of smoking. Don’t judge! But don’t try it!

wtf in japan 7 (1)

8. Hi there! What is that on your face? Is it Cheerios or just some frogs?

wtf in japan 8 (1)

9. There is something really disturbing with this photo

wtf in japan 9 (1)

10. Fancy haircut and the costume…I don’t know. What type of super hero is she?

weird things in japan 10 (1)

11. He looks like he is having a lot of fun, doesn’t he?

weird things in japan 11 (1)

12. While you were making plans for tuning your car, Japan is way ahead of you!

weird things in japan 12 (1)

13. What? What am I looking at? Can somebody, please, tell me?

weird things in japan 13 (1)

14. Miss Universe here is having a dilemma.

weird things in japan 14 (1)

15. Cat Woman would laugh out loud at this. I don’t know about Mister Aquaman here. Some times, fashion goes too far…

weird things in japan 15 (1)

16. Someone missed his English class…

weird things in japan 16 (1)

17. That’s just another perspective. It all comes down to how you wear your underwear!

meanwhile in japan 17 (1)

18. Johnny bravo would be envious of this guy!

meanwhile in japan 18 (1)

19. The world of the forever young

meanwhile in japan 19 (1)

20. Some sort of Halloween or…?

meanwhile in japan 20 (1)

21. What is wrong with the poor guy. He just escaped from the comics world. Let him be!

meanwhile in japan 21 (1)

22. Not sure what to make of this…

meanwhile in japan 22 (1)

All of these things happened in Japan while you were doing something else, is your place exciting like Japan?


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