How To Tell If You’re Drunk In 7 Easy Steps. Try Not To Get To The 7th


How to tell if you’re drunk? Well,  here’s a few quick clues: Your girlfriend sends you to sleep outside, on the doormat. You sneak into bed trying to cuddle your partner only to wake up in the morning to find out you had a one night stand with your dog Barney.

You wake up inside a recycling bin with a note that says ” please do not recycle “, we can go on and on. But, if you don’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, or any other of the things we mentioned, you will have to manage with these 7 easy steps.

1. You suddenly wake up on a boat

how to tell if youre drunk 1 (1)

Unfortunately, you’re not on a boat somewhere in the Caribbean, you’re just in a pub, probably, and you’re trying to stand up. If you feel like you’re going to fall over, then you’ve been sipping a bit too much, my friend


2. You don’t recognize yourself in the mirror

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3 a.m. in the morning and you feel really fresh like the party could go on. But you somehow end up in the bathroom, take a look in the mirror and find a hotter and better version of yourself. You don’t know what he wants from you and you’re preparing to fight the reflection until you realize it’s just you and you’re trashed.

3. Can’t figure out what has happened to your phone

how to tell if youre drunk 3 (1)

You finally remember you have a phone and check your messages. You realize there are a few and you start to answer them. Only that the letters you enter don’t really play well and the autocorrect isn’t picking up what you’re trying to write. What is happening?

4. You take some shots of… water

how to tell if youre drunk 4 (1)

When shots taste like water you’re going to puke. Be tough, buddy!

5. You feel like taking off your clothes

how to tell if your drunk 5 (1)

If you suddenly feel like taking off your shirt to flaunt your bear belly, then you’re probably too soaked up in alcohol to care


6. You suddenly like to roll on the floor

how to tell if youre drunk 6 (1)

If it is funny to roll on the floor on and on and on, then you’re definitely drunk. You might have enjoyed it as kid, but if you’re enjoying it now, you’re drunk and I guarantee you don’t look as good as it feels doing it.

7. Puke!

how to tell if youre drunk 7

At this point you know it. There’s no turning back. You puked, you’re done! Go home and go to bed until your friends make a snapchat sensation out of you


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