23 Funny Life Advice Quotes You Should Not Take Too Seriously


Everyone love to hear life advice right? It’s always helpful, at least you hope so. Today we go a special duck for you that will try and help you in life. It isn’t just any duck, it is the wisest duck in the world and he’s got his own series of memes called Actual Advice Mallard.

This image macro series contain captions with funny life advice and hacks, useful information and much more. Number 20 will be liked by most men around here…

Anyways, scroll below to see them all. The first time Actual Advice Mallard made its appearance was back in 2011 on Reddit and since then, thousands of others Actual Advice Mallard images appeared all over the internet. We made a selection of 23 that we believed were the funniest and wisest and we advise you to take a look at them below. Enjoy!

1. Just keep a good balance. Sound life advice

funny life advice 1 (1)


2. Youtube, I got you.

funny life advice 2 (1)

3. All the pizza lovers, listen up, pizza is life. That is all.

funny life advice 3 (1)

4. Learn how to be a nice guy and do it properly.

funny life tips 4 (1)

5. Watch your cookies.

funny life tips 5 (1)


6. This one will save you from a disaster. Keep it in mind.

funny life tips 6 (1)

7. This life advice teaches you that it is all just a matter of perspective. Don’t be upset.

funny life tips 7 (1)

8. It won’t make your life easier, but it’s good to know

funny life tips 8 (1)

9. We all love stories that make people look dumb

funny life hacks 9 (1)


10. Got it? Now, do it.

funny life hacks 10 (1)

11. This will save your life many times at work

funny life hacks 11 (1)

12. It’s good to keep in mind in case you go to Mars for a couple of months

funny life hacks 12 (1)

13. If you’re going to forget things using this method, than you are incurable

funny life hacks 13 (1)


14. You, all the math students, listen to this.

funny life hacks 14 (1)

15. Do you see the connection?

lol life advice 15 (1)

16. The duck knows it

lol life advice 16 (1)

17. Prepare for the worst case scenarios

lol life advice 17 (1)

18. Never thought of it. Have you?

lol life advice 18 (1)


19. After all, it is all a matter of perspective

lol life advice 19 (1)

20. The ultimate secret

lol life advice 20 (1)

21. Just so you can be more careful

funny life advice 21 (1)

22. They will all be coming at you

funny life advice 22 (1)

23. “Are you listening to me, son? I’m giving ya pearls here”

funny life advice 23 (1)


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