Hey Its Me Ur Brother… No, it’s not. Meme info and Images

“Hey Its Me Ur Brother” is a quote from a chat conversation on the Valve software distribution client Steam, in which a user has tried to scam a Counter-Strike player by pretending to be his brother. He was trying – not very successfully – to scam the other player into giving him one of his items.

Who are you?

If someone answers to this question saying “hey its me ur brother”, don’t trust them: they probably aren’t. 

If you are not sure whatever we might be talking about, have fun reading this quick and light article about the infamous “Hey its me ur brother” catchphrase.

This is the original screenshot of the hey its me ur brother conversation:

Hey Its Me Ur Brother

But how did it become so mainstream?

During mid 2014, Redditor EvilClone128 submitted a screenshot of a Steam chat conversation, that clearly shows another user trying to scam EvilClone28 of his knife item.

Before it was archived, the post reached a wide audience: over 3,300 votes (95% upvoted) and 280 comments on the /r/GlobalOffensive Counter-Strike subreddit.

Right after, the user kingofdarkn uploaded a screenshot of the conversation in the funny pictures category of FunnyJunk, a website where all sorts of funny stuff is posted.  It once again gained lots of views – over 50,000 – and 1,300 point over 2014.

Four years after, in 2018, Redditor dwimtrashggeuw reposted the same image on the niceb8m8 subreddit. It was then posted on a random board of 4chan, and on the subreddit /r/OutOfTheLoop, shortly after, a user asked about “hey it’s me ur brother” comments. 

Finally, towards the end of April, BestBlitzcrank, a member of multiplayer Game Hacking Forums, posted a thread about this wonderfully failed scam and called it “Worst Scammer xD= hey its me ur brother.”

Here’s the interest over the “Hey its me ur brother” catchphrase from 2014 until today!

Hey its me ur brother

Here’s a funny short video about the it’s ur brother meme:

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