San Francisco-Based Artist Builds Guitars From Recycled Skateboards

guitars from recycled skateboards 1

Meet Nick Pourfard, a 22-year-old artist, musician, and an avid skateboarder. Nick decided to combine his multiple talents and create one thing that is pure epic! Guitars that are built from reclaimed skateboard decks. The artist who is based in San Francisco and is an industrial design student taught himself woodworking for this project, each instrument is 100% handmade and composed of skateboards that have been used or broken. He calls this project ” Prisma Guitars “

Recently Pourfard has the honor to design and builds a piece for Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. ” I took every detail of his playing style and aesthetic into consideration. The bass has an off-white painted alder back with skate top featuring colors as the homage to his classic original bass. ”

You can also donate your own board to be used in one of his next guitars. More Info:

Here’s a short promotional video about Prisma Guitars


Prisma Guitars creates one of a kind guitars from used and broken skateboards

guitars from recycled skateboards 1

For those who don’t know, every skateboard is made from seven color dyed plys…

guitars from recycled skateboards 2

…of hard rock Maple pressed hard together. Once they work with the material, the guitar unique color will surface

guitars from recycled skateboards 3

Each guitar is made by hand in San Francisco

guitars from recycled skateboards 4


Creative work at its best don’t you agree?

guitars from recycled skateboards 5

guitars from recycled skateboards 6

guitars from recycled skateboards 7

via: Colossal


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