Talented Couple Creates Stunning Glass Picture Of The Terminator T-800 And We Can’t Look Away

glass picture terminator t-800 feat

Meet Koksharov Eugene an Dobrunova Anna. The two are masters of glass art and creates beautiful glass pictures of pop culture icons such as Iron Man, Deadpool and more. Before these two started working together on their glass art pictures, they each did very different things.

Anna studied as a builder and worked in an office. While working there she had many interesting projects where she took part and some of her responsibilities was to select materials, furniture and lighting among others. They both also liked to draw a lot.

Eugene was working at a law firm while studying law. Once the two met, it was clear that they both had a shared dream of creating unique pictures made of glass! They had no idea where to start, but they had plenty of desire and motivation. They learned, they got better with time and as you can see from their Etsy store and the gallery below, they got really good at what they do. Below is an awesome Terminator glass picture the couple created.

The Terminator glass picture is made of 500 different pieces and comes in a size of 31 x 52 inches

glass picture of the terminator


Before the finished T-800 Terminator product, the work always starts with sketching the idea, this process could take up to a few weeks, depending how detailed the work is

glass picture of the terminator 2

After the sketch is ready and the colors of the glass are selected, they begin cutting the pieces with a glass cutter, after that, each piece is processed in a special grinding machine.

glass picture of the terminator 3

The cat also want to take part in the process, the parts will all be washed and cleaned as at this stage they are full of dirt and wet

glass picture of the terminator 4

Now comes the fun part where they lay all the parts on the sketch and begin assembling them together

glass picture of the terminator 5


When the whole thing is ready, they wash it again and place it on a window so you can admire

glass picture of the terminator 6

Look at that smile! Stunning work by creative people. We love these kind of stories

glass picture of the terminator 7

The couple has many other designs you can check out on their store

glass picture of the terminator 8

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