Cool Fiber Optic Hoodie That Glows With Four Different Colors To Light Up Your Next Rave

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Hey party animals, check this Fiber Optic Hoodie out! Yes, you, browsing the Internet with eyes half closed in the standby mode, recharging, and saving all of your energy for one more night out. We have something here you gonna love. This attractive Light Up Hoodie will make that all eyes will be on you next time you go out to party while you can play it cool as a LED light.

Your Mind Your World’s light up hoodie for men is stylish, trendy and iridescent.With more than a 1/2 of a mile of fiber optic fibers, the light up hoodies glow from within. These light up hoodies for men are one of the several masterpieces that are present in the assorted collection of EDM clothing and rave gear at Your Mind Your World. Specifically designed to enhance your nightlife and rave experience, these light up hoodies will make you the center of attention.

The hoodie glows in four different colors and has four different modes which can be operated through a wireless remote controller. The glowing effect lasts up to five to six hours on a single charge and two battery modules are rechargeable and eco-friendly (charging USB cables are included). Light up hoodie is easy to clean and hand wash which makes it a very practical outfit piece beside it’s extremely effective. You can get it here for a price of $294.99 at a current discount and it comes in all sizes (S-XXL).

Attractive fiber optic hoodie for men will make your nights out extraordinary and all eyes will be on you thanks to it.

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The hoodie glows in 4 different colors and has 4 different modes which can be operated through a wireless remote controller.

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The glowing effect lasts up to 5 to 6 hours, that should be enough for a night out.

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For the next party, you only have to remember to recharge your light up hoodie.

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If you’re a party animal, this fiber optic hoodie needs to be in your closet, or at least share it with your friends