Fat Unicorn Cakes Is The Latest Instagram Trend That We Really Want To Get Behind

fat unicorn cakes feat (1)
Do unicorns exist? Maybe. Do fat unicorns exist? That’s inadmissible…well, until you find out that there are some cakes with fat unicorns on them that look so hilarious and cute, you couldn’t resist them. These fat unicorns will actually eat all your cake and you couldn’t say a thing because they’re so damn cute.
What are the fat unicorns cakes and what is this all about?
Well, it is about a new cake trend that’s taken over Buzzfeed. The “unicorn has eaten your cake” confectionery design is one of the best you have ever come across. From the precision of the execution to the idea in itself, you would really love one such cake for your birthday.
Unicorns are usually superior beings that are portrayed in a elegant and sophisticated manner, but these unicorn cakes are something different and they’re so good you can’t miss them. They portray an unicorn with a fat belly resting on the side of your cake which has got a big bite on it and you can guess who’s responsible for it.
“Who’s ever heard of a fat unicorn?” No one, because such a thing does not exist. The cake makes a unicorn fat because it is so delicious that this elegant, superior being can’t help it, but take a bite from it. These cakes are on to become a real hit, with Instagram already loving them.
I mean, why wouldn’t you want a cake that got an unicorn fat? It means it is super delicious and you can always count on it to make your day better. Now that the trend’s getting even better, you no longer need a fat unicorn and a cake with a big bite on it, you just need a fat unicorn resting on a pile of Doritos or whatever you want.
The fat unicorn has become the metaphor for something so good you can’t resist it, not in a million years.

Check out some of the yummiest fat unicorn cakes below

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