22 Animals Doing Human Things That You Can’t Even Imagine

You think animals can’t do the things you do everyday, well, you’re wrong! We’ve got the living proof that they are able to do everything you could ever imagine and even more than that. We’ve got 22 pictures here of animals doing human things that will make you love animals even more than you already do and appreciate their cuteness and lovable nature even more.

From a dog that’s talking on the phone, to some other doggy friends drinking beer in a bar, to a cat repairing a car and one fixing a light bulb, these animals are really handy guys that do not step back from the work that needs to be done.

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We’d like to know where they come from and how can we get one for ourselves. A do-all, know-all dog will be much appreciated and needed around the house,

1. “Can’t you see I’m busy talking on the phone?”

dogs doing human things 1 (1)

Image source: animalsdoinghumanthings

2. “Later! Now, I’m having my relaxation session”

dogs doing human things 2 (1)

3. The family is out.

dogs doing human things 3 (1)

Image source: vgmemes.com

4. “What? You drink more than I do”

dogs doing people things 4 (1)

Image source: thetango.net

5. “I love my job. Digging is my favourite activity”

dogs doing people things 5 (1)

Image source: animalsthatdopeoplethings

6. “What? Can’t a dog have a little swing?”

dogs doing people things 6 (1)

Image source: @_jennbodin

7. “You’ve got to be careful, Dave, you big paws have too many fingers. You might break it.”

dogs doing people things 7 (1)

Image source:  imgur

8. “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine”

dogs doing people things 8 (1)

9. “What are you, humans, looking at?”

animals doing human things 9 (1)

10. “These flowers need a little watering”

animals doing human things 10 (1)

Image source: imgur

11. “This hooman has no idea what driving is”

animals doing human things 11 (1)

12. “I’m telling you, we’re too many on this board”

animals doing human things 12 (1)

13. “I can’t go out today. I have to finish this project for my hooman”

animals doing human things 13 (1)

14. “My final exam and then I’m an educated sloth”

dogs acting like humans 14 (1)

Image source: imgur

15. Couch potato, feline version

dogs acting like humans 15 (1)

16. “Get out of my way!”

dogs acting like humans 16 (1)

Image source:  imgur

17. “Sitting here, watching all these hoomans passing by and wondering why are they in such a hurry?”

dogs acting like humans 17 (1)

Image source:  yarr.me

18. “So she said we should go out again. I’ve got a second date, mate!”

dogs acting like humans 18 (1)

19. “Donald Trump did it again”

pets doing human things 19 (1)

Image source: imgur

20. “Hella, chica!”

pets doing human things 20 (1)

Image source:  UHM-7

21. Can you do it better than him?

pets doing human things 21 (1)

Image source:  Brett Jessie

22. “Let’s get another beer”

dogs doing human things 22 (1)

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