26 Cake Decorating Fails That Are So Bad They Must Be Delicious

Ordering a custom cake is no easy task. Anyone who ever had the task of giving the writing text on the cake topping to the bakery knows the fear of being absolutely 100% clear on what they want because often the bakery hears something else and the results can be hilarious and sometimes out right embarrassing. If you have more examples of failed cakes you would like to share, be sure to send it to us and we will gladly add it to this hilarious list.

Another thing to look out for is to not be too literal, sometimes bakery follow your instructions to the tee, which means they can write the word comma instead of just using a comma because they just don’t work their brains and follow like robots. It’s a delicate line between brains and insanity that you need to follow to succeed in ordering the perfect cake. For all that trouble wouldn’t it be easier to just make the whole cake yourself? Something to think about. This list of cake decorating fails shows that ordering a cake is not as easy as you think.

1. Hannah Montana cake decorating fail

cake decorating fails 1 (1)

2. This just looks really bad

cake decorating fails 2 (1)

3. LMAO! They wrote comma

cake decorating fails 3 (1)

4. Are you asking me or telling me?

bad cake decorating 4 (1)

5. Comcat?

bad cake decorating 5 (1)

6. What’s with the cat on her head?

bad cake decorating 6 (1)

7. What purple? Just give me the cake as is

bad cake decorating 7 (1)

8. Is that even a word? No it’s not, such an epic fail

bad cake decorating 8 (1)

9. The cat is not amused

hilarious decorating cakes 9 (1)

10. Nailed it? Not so much

hilarious decorating cakes 10 (1)

11. Is it me, or they got his name wrong at first and fixed it?

hilarious decorating cakes 11 (1)

12. Graduation cake looks nice

hilarious decorating cakes 12 (1)

13. Picture of a cake as topping for the real cake

hilarious decorating cakes 13 (1)

14. Probably a birthday cake for someone in construction

cake fails 14 (1)

15. LOL – They had nothing to write

cake fails 15 (1)

16. Someone should give this bakery a medal because they won failing

cake fails 16 (1)

17. What were they thinking?

cake fails 17 (1)

18. Following instructions…

cake fails 18 (1)

19. The picture that was supposed to be on the topping was in the flash drive…

cake fails 19 (1)

20. Sent from phone…

cake fails 20 (1)

21. Instructions unclear, bakery followed them anyway

cake fails 21 (1)

22. ” OK. “

cake fails 22 (1)

23. He wanted sprinkles on the cake

cake fails 23 (1)

24. This is just too good to look at

cake fails 24 (1)

25. ” Write Nancy in caps ” Sure

cake decorating fails 25 (1)

26. The image for the cake was sent by email

cake decorating fails 26 (1)

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