You Have No Power Here – 15 Images And Info On One Of The Funniest Memes Ever

You have no power here. You know this phrase, you heard it before for sure, if you need a little reminder where you know this line from, it’s from the famous movie Lord Of The Rings – The Two Towers, in the scene where king Theoden is laughing at Gandalf when he tries to reverse the mind control spell on the king. See the video below of the scene and we have the text from it too:

Here’s the short text from the scene:

” Gandalf: I release you, from the spell.

King Theoden: Ha, Ha ha ha hahahaha, you have no power here, Gandalf the grey… ” 

After the movie became a hit and popular all over the world, it was just a matter of time until the internet community took this catch phrase line and turned it into a meme. The first time it was used as a meme was when it was uploaded to a popular meme generator website with the hash tag caption and the line ” You have no power here ” as to mock users trying to use hashtags on sites which have no use for them.


you have no power here meme 16 (1)

But if you think the writers of the Lord Of The Rings movie was the ones to invented this very catchy line, you are mistaken, the first time someone used this line in a popular movie was actually on The Wizard Of Oz all the way back to 1939. In the scene where Glinda, the good witch tells of her evil sister The Wicked Witch of the west, she responds to her sister’s threaths with ” Hahaha, you have no power here, in these walls…” it’s easy to see the useage of this line is very similar. Both are in connection of wizards trying to un-spell or cast a spell on someone that is protected by a special area.

From there, it was an easy walk to sites like Reddit and 4chan which are the gateway to the internet and pretty much anything that get’s popular there, becomes viral all over the world. Below you can see many examples of the use of this no power here meme in various situations.

Here is the search trend for the meme ( how many times people search for this phrase )

And like we promised, here are the most notable examples of the ” You have no power here ” meme

Using it as a way to raise awareness to political issues like the immigrants in EU

you have no power here meme 1 (1)


When you try and plan and your day and everything that could go wrong does

you have no power here meme 2 (1)

You have no electric power here

you have no power here meme 3 (1)

When i’m not on campus, you have no power over me college!

you have no power here meme 4 (1)

Sports car in a traffic jam has no power – And no use really

you have no power here meme 5 (1)


This is the picture a Redditor posted to remind people that the internet is free, and no one can control it. 

you have no power here meme 6 (1)

The Kardashians have no power over nothing

you have no power here meme 7 (1)

This is maybe the best you are powerless here meme on this list 

you have no power here meme 8 (1)

Trying to order someone online is useless

you have no power here meme 9 (1)

When mom is not home, the little brother has no powers 

you have no power here meme 10 (1)

This is just ridiculous, but funny 

you have no power here meme 11 (1)

Trying to get your wife to do something in her own home….please.

you have no power here meme 12 (1)

We already said it before, no one has any power over the internet community, so stop trying

you have no power here meme 13 (1)

The Donald

you have no power here meme 14 (1)


This one is a very popular meme about school during the summer 

you have no power here meme 15 (1)

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