What Happens When Disney Characters Meet Hollywood’s Dark Side


Disney Characters Meet Hollywood's Dark Side 1

DisHollywood is the newest project from art world sensation José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontivero.  The artist’s latest project features off beat re-mixes of beloved Disney characters in consort with other well known entertainment icons.

Don’t expect it to be all hearts and flowers. He has intentionally taken these well loved scenes and added a biting edge. He designed the exhibition to honor the world of Hollywood, and its contribution to today’s pop culture. It is a mish-mashed collection of visual eye-candy that challenges the viewers to visualize pop icons as real people in surrealistic situations. But are warned: this envelope pushing art isn’t for everyone.

The adult and often macabre situations will try some people’s tolerance and acceptance levels. Gone is the traditional “happy ending”. It is replaced with a serious reality check relevant to our times. DisHollywood is a tribute to popular culture and its relevance to the world we now live in.

Disney Characters Meet Hollywood's Dark Side 2

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