Cute Russian Girl Takes The Most Wild Selfies You Ever Saw ( Don’t Try This Yourself )


Most of the time I can’t stand selfies. I can’t stand seeing people just standing in the middle of the road. So the sun is in the perfect spot in the sky. You have to stop and document the current state of your face? Don’t you know people are staring at you?

In the words of everyone who can’t stand pointless selfies “nobody cares.” But what if your selfies weren’t pointless and boring? What if, bare with me here, they were pictures of you doing actual awesome stuff?

Well, Angela Nikolau, a Russian self taught photographer, knows the answers to those questions. Angela realizes that human subjects alone can be pretty boring. I mean, when you’ve seen one duck face you’ve seen them all, right? This wild woman, and I mean that with much affection, goes out of her way to take some wild selfies. She braves great heights, without much assurance of safety, to take these amazing photos. And she doesn’t even look scared in the pictures. How is she not petrified? I would pee my pants.

This girl deserves some kind of medal or something. This should be an Olympic sport! If you agree, comment and let us know your thoughts on these crazy wild selfies.

wild selfies (1)

wild selfies 2 (1)

wild selfies 3 (1)

This is not actually a wild selfie, but it is insane!

wild selfies 4 (1)

wild selfies 5 (1)

crazy selfies 6 (1)

crazy selfies 7 (1)

crazy selfies 8 (1)

crazy selfies 9 (1)

crazy selfies 10 (1)

crazy selfies 11 (1)

wild selfies 12 (1)

wild selfies 13 (1)

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