Meet Nimb,The Stylish Ring With a Smart Panic Button That Could Literally Save Your Life


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There’s a new, younger version of that panic button old people wear around their necks. You know, the one they press when they’ve “fallen and can’t get up.” This new accessory is called Nimb.

Nimb is a stylish, modern-looking ring that looks like any other accessory. No one would even know it was a panic button. Not even an attacker, unless they read this, then they’d know.

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How the Nimb Ring works

When you’re attacked or you think you might be, press the button on the bottom of the ring and hold it for 3 seconds. That will send a distress message with your profile info and your GPS location.

The message gets sent to your predetermined safety circle. That can be a large group of friends, your boyfriend, your best friend, or emergency services.

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For real, add emergency services to your circle. You don’t have to but you never know, while you’re getting mugged your BFF might be 12 shots deep down town. Who you gonna call? Stacy but she’s kinda busy right now. I’ll just wait in this pool of my own blood. I’m good.


All joking aside

This is a pretty awesome little accessory. It definitely beats trying to dial 911 while you’re getting mugged or something. Pre-order this bad boy/girl through indiegogo. You’re not likely to get it til March of 2017, though. So watch your back til then.

The comments section is for comments, so comment and let us know how much safer the world is with Nimb Ring

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