How To Take The Perfect Dog Selfie


Meet Anna, mom to Norman Larry, the basset hound, and world sailor. When Anna and Norman aren’t exploring another adventure or eating peanut butter, they can be seen hanging out at the local dog parks, today Anna has some important information to share with us about how to take the perfect dog selfie so listen good because this is super important .

Last year may have been the “year of the selfie” for us humans, but this year our canine companions have taken the trend and made it their own. One look at these dog selfies and you might even suggest they do it better. And let’s not forget that they are taking the perfect selfie – without any thumbs!

dog selfie


Everything we can do online, they can do better. It’s no surprise, really, that our dogs’ online domination has entered another sphere. We’ll just add selfie skills in with their hilarious YouTube videos, social media accounts, memes and perfectly-timed photos.

It seems the selfie game has changed. So listen up as our pets share some of their top ‘do’s and ‘don’ts for taking the perfect selfie:


Do use props. You may have been asleep on the couch all day, but no one else needs to know that. You want people to think you’re living the life. So find a prop that makes it seem like you have been out having a better day than anyone else on the internet.

how to take the perfect dog selfie

Do find your best angle. As they say, practice makes perfect. And finding the perfect selfie angle takes a LOT of practice. Be sure that you have plenty of room in your camera’s memory, because there will be hundreds of practice shots before you find your best angle. Don’t fill your memory up though, because you then need to practice hitting that angle consistently. 

how to take the perfect dog selfie

Do keep an eye out for photobombers. Given that this trend has spread as far and wide as it has, a counter-trend has emerged: photobombing. For every perfect selfie out there, there is a selfie that has been ruined by a photobomb in the background. Be on the lookout for suspicious persons behind you and have a game plan for dealing with them

how to take the perfect dog selfie

Don’t go down low. This is a rookie error. Photos from below flatter no one, so it’s best to avoid it altogether. Slightly higher than normal and tilted downwards is the angle you’re after. That’s the trick used by expert-level selfie-takers. Add a filter and suddenly we’re all model-material.

how to take the perfect dog selfie

Don’t hold the camera too close. Again, this takes some practice. A good arm’s length away is what you’re after. If you can keep your arm out of the shot, even better. Making it look like it isn’t a selfie at all is a pro-level skill.

how to take the perfect dog selfie

Don’t try to pull off that sexy smile. It NEVER works. You may think you’re channelling a sultry Ryan Gosling-esque smirk with come-hither eyes, but the reality is you look like someone who has just realised they might have eaten something bad for lunch. Keep it natural, work with what you’ve got. We can’t all look like a Hollywood star (although, the right angle and a good filter will get you pretty close).

how to take the perfect dog selfie

Of course, as with most trends, not everyone is on board with taking selfies. This guy is not even remotely impressed by the idea.

how to take the perfect dog selfie

And something tells me these guys might just be making fun of the whole thing. 

how to take the perfect dog selfie

But there you have it. Our dogs have taken one of our trends and improved it beyond measure. Thankfully, they have been kind enough to share their tips so that our selfie skills might one day be as good as theirs. Now it’s time to take the perfect selfie and update that profile picture. 

Thanks a lot to Anna for sharing this hilarious article with us , Anna – you’re awesome ! You can feel free to  say hello to her on @annaleacrowe or by browsing her website 


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