Cute Macarons Shaped Like Unicorns Are a Thing Now And The Internet Is Losing It


Mac Lab Bakery is into magic business actually. What they produce can be considered for pure magic having in mind the feeling you get first when you see their cute macarons shaped like unicorns and then when you taste them.

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OMG is the right word in my mind. Their non-GMO, ultra-fine almond flour-filled unicorn macarons which look just dream-like set Instagram on fire and brought an ocean of requests and continuous questions from the press to Mac Lab. You would think these cute macarons are adorable puppies with all the attention they get online.


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Shiny, yummy, colourful mystical unicorn Macs are a real feast for your eyes especially for unicorn lovers which seem to multiply their number day by day according to rising interest in everything that has a connection to these magical flying horses.

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Delicious desserts in a shape of unicorns were getting a lot of attention in the last couple of months and it seems that macarons are especially suitable form for unicorn deserts. They are just irresistibly cute as you can see in the gallery bellow.


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However, if you are not into macarons but you are into unicorns, Mac Lab Bakery offers glorious cakes that resemble a unicorn’s flattened head, so don’t worry friend, you can find something you like for yourself for sure.


The people standing behind this magical bakery are husband and wife and recently they’re being flooded with orders and they’re only able to sell a maximum of five delicious unicorn macs per customer. It looks like 2017 is going to be a year of a Unicorn!


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Don’t forget to share these cute macarons with your food loving friends. More info: Mac Lab Bakery Instagram .

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