Special Resin Firmly Attached To A Carved Travertine Base Creates ‘Lagoon’ Tables

Cut Travertine lagoon tables 1

Many artists and designers nowadays are going beyond the normal and conventional way of creating their pieces of art and venture on the modern concepts derived from the places they’ve been or places that are closest to their hearts.

LA Table designer, Alexander Chapelin, made this intriguing designs of three tables which he classified as Lagoon Tables. Every table is meticulously made up of a special resin that is firmly attached to a carved travertine base. This resin looks like it forms a volume of water which appear to slice through each piece. Chapelin whose studio is based in a small Caribbean Island in  Saint Martin, has undoubtedly get his ideas and design from this place. Some of his stunning works are listed in here.

For those who want to try something unique and unusual as furniture in their newly acquired house, this Lagoon Table can add exquisiteness and elegance to your dream home.

Cut Travertine lagoon tables 2

Cut Travertine lagoon tables 3

Cut Travertine lagoon tables 4

Travertine lagoon tables 5

Cut Travertine lagoon table 6

Cut Travertine lagoon tables 7

Cut Travertine lagoon tables 8
Source: Colossal



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