Your New Favorite Drink Is The New Starbucks Latte Macchiato


New year. New coffee!

Starbucks just added a new espresso drink to their menu, and it’s just what we all wanted in our life.

You might remember the Flat White drink that the coffee chain added earlier this winter, so now the company decided to follow that up with the new Latte Macchiato.

Here’s how it goes: They free-poured whole milk with just the right amount of creamy foam, than they add an espresso shot that is slowly poured through the foam giving it a layered look.

Latte Macchiato 1

If you’re the kind that is not really up until they get their coffee binge – you already use and know the Starbucks app that lets you know of everything they sell. Just in case you’re in the dark, check the image below:

Latte Macchiato 2
Source: Eonline

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