Heater Bairs Yummy Constellation Cookies In Shapes Of Animals Are Just Out Of This World

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Galaxy sheets, galaxy donuts, galaxy constellation cookies, galaxy everything! That seems to be the mentality of the internet as a whole, lately. The galaxy on its own is beautiful and mesmerizing. So it makes sense to incorporate it into everyday objects. And galaxy designs can be really easy, with the right colors and the right tools.

Heather Bairs is the culinary artist behind these constellation cookies. Each one is shaped like a different animal and they’re amazing. Heather is a pastry chef, cookbook author, freelance recipe developer, and photographer. Before she started creating beautiful confections like these, she was an artist. And it’s obvious that much of her artistic talent shines through in her cookies and other creations.

The base for these cookies is a dark chocolate sugar cookie. Then they’re topped off with a marbled fondant reminiscent of the Norther lights. If you think these cookies are out of this world and want some of your own, you can make them at home. You can find instructions on how to make them at Heather’s blog.

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Take a look at these amazing galaxy cookies and let us know what you think in the comments section.

constellation cookies (1)


These stunning constellation cookies are actually pretty easy to make if you’re a cookie fan or baker

constellation cookies 2 (1)

The base of the cookies is dark chocolate sugar and you top it of with marbled fondant, obviously there is more to it, but the base is pretty easy

space cookies 3 (1)

After you get the dough you need a cookie cutter in the shape of cute animals to make the shapes and cut them out

galaxy cookies 4 (1)

The results are pretty amazing and it sure tastes delicious too!

galaxy cookies 5 (1)


Can you recognize the constellation on these cookies? Good fun indeed

constellation cookies 6 (1)

Be sure to follow Heather and visit her blog sprinklebakes to see the original constellation cookies recipe and more yummy recipes